Picnic Weddings Forever.

Missoni Wedding Sprinkles and Booze

Weddings are wonderful. I think even the grumpiest of people could appreciate the beauty and love behind a good wedding, even if only for the free booze. In this day and age, you can still have classic, unique, and charming without spending your life savings. We have entered a new realm of glam without spending over $10,000 or your first born on a wedding dress and it’s wonderful.

I believe it was year ago I was swooning over the wedding of Margherita Missoni. How dreamy is a picnic fairy princess wedding? It was stunning without being over the top. I love creative beauty that is true to the individual. It’s extremely refreshing.

Margherita literally wore her dream dress. Her dress actually reminds me of a modern and chic version of the infamous ball gown from the Labyrinth. Margherita found a dress she fell in love with 15 years prior to her wedding day. She wanted to make a custom gown similar to the image she fell in love with. She seized the day and created her dream dress with the help of her mother. How completely amazing would it be to not only have your dress customly made but to create it with your mother? Margherita had a fairy tale like dress that had a very strong regal allure. Simply stunning!

Dining Bride Sprinkles and Booze

The brunch was served as an elegant “lunch on the grass” with round and square tables on large cushions and Oriental mats. I am absolutely in love with how extremely bohemian chic this wedding is, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.


Having the ideal bohemian chic wedding can be as simple as becoming one with nature and finding the perfect spot in a park to tie the knot or even going to thrift stores and finding beautiful antique glassware. Non Traditional weddings are in, and the concept of having to spend over $100,000 to marry the person you love is out. Feel free to get completely creative! Have an enchanted Harry Potter bohemian style wedding in the woods and send out your wedding invitations by an owl carrier (how amazing would that be)? Anything you dream, you can make a reality and do it within a realistic budget. Turn all of your events, from your wedding day to a dinner party into a unique and special memory. Life is about our memories and what we create, don’t lose sight of that. As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

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