Ain’t no party like a Grandma Ethyl Party.

May 14th, 2014


Being a 90’s child, shows from that decade are near and dear to my heart. One of my all time favorites from the early 90’s was the hit, Dinosaurs. If you ever watched Dinosaurs, you will remember brilliant catchphrases such as “Not the Mama!” or “I’m the baby, gotta love me!”. All frequently used, wonderful, and nostalgic…right?!

Lately, I’ve been watching the series on Netflix before bed. A character you may vaguely remember is the snide, elderly greatness that is Grandma Ethyl. Ethyl by far was my favorite character of the entire show!

Grandma Ethyl was the grumpy yet adorable mother of Fran Sinclair on Dinosaurs. This wheelchair-bound diva is everything I hope to be when I am a senior citizen. Forever dressed in a fascinator and witty one liners, I definitely would want to party with Grandma Ethyl. She is the inspiration behind this Bingo Lady Party style board I have created. Even though this series had one of the world’s most depressing series finales, I hope you enjoy this style board. You better because you gotta love it! Honestly, how can you go wrong with Strawberry Cheesecake truffles and doilies?!


Bingo Ethyl Style

Stay sexy Gotham!

Trials and Tribulations of a Party Monster Extraordinaire.

May 13th, 2014

Anaise Prince Photography #confettisprinkles photobooth

The behind the scenes of the making of a Party Life + Style blog seems like it should be a constant world of glitter, rainbows, and kittens but the truth of the matter is, it’s not always glamorous.

As a blogger, it can be a bit much having people aware of your plans and what you’re working towards. You have to prepare for a lot of “Are you sure that is what you want to do?” or “That idea is crazy?” and sometimes just straight up haters. You also have to deal with people learning your “secret sauce” sort of speak. They want to know what you’re cooking up next in your business plans and how projects are coming along. Though this is to be expected, it can sometimes be overwhelming and even discouraging.

Recently, I was given feedback about my company and blog that I wasn’t sure was positive or negative. The short of the awkward story is, I came out of the situation realizing there are a bunch of stereotypes in the blogosphere about the type of blog one should run based on their appearance. Being a “trendy” female of color, people assume that I have a gossip blog, talk about ethnic hair products, or I must only write about the latest World Star video. While there is nothing wrong with blogs of these nature, it gives me a bit more work when representing my site and brand. This is something I accept and I am tough enough for the challenge.

Putting your dreams and hopes out there for people to bare witness to is forever terrifying but it comes with the territory. Learning to use the positive and negative to your benefit is a skill. Once you develop this skill, almost nothing can stop you.

My positive outlook towards the negative that comes with being my own boss didn’t come easy and to be honest probably never will. I have days where I wonder if I made the right choices and I am full of doubt. The trick is figuring out the healthiest way to deal with the problems so that you’re able to return back to your kick ass party that is life.

Anaise Prince Photography #confettisprinkles photobooth 1

The insane amount of support I have received since the start definitely outweighs the negative. One of my favorite moments during my blogger break last month was receiving a “Member Appreciation” award at B:Hive’s 1 year anniversary party. It might sound sappy or crazy but I was on the verge of tears when handed this tiny plastic award. This tiny piece of plastic represents the supportive entrepreneurs that have become like family to me and have shown nothing but support for the beginning. It symbolizes love on a personal and professional level. It symbolizes every victory I achieve. It symbolizes a breath of fresh air when I am so mentally exhausted. It symbolizes my journey in designing a life that I adore.

Getting back to the day to day hustle as a blogger and party stylist has been intense and beautifully positive. I have YOU to thank and my massive support system that has come together fiercely and fabulously over the past year. I know for a fact I could not have made it this far (with a SUPER long way to go) on my own. I have nothing but gratitude and love for what the universe has been blessing me with. The future seems oh so glittery and bright for us all.

Tell me about some of your struggles and how you get over perceptions? What keeps your life party thriving? Thank you for allowing me to a sappy Sally from time to time. As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!
Photos taken by Anaise Prince ❤ Confetti by The Confetti Bar

Thanks Mom! I turned out awesome!

May 10th, 2014


Thank you mom for always letting me freely express my creativity. From the dance lessons, to the art classes, camps, the workshops, tennis lessons, guitar lessons…the list goes on and on and on. I finally feel like I am settling into my own and getting it all figured out. I want to say, THANK YOU! You have forever been my number one fan and a spectacular mother! To this I say, I love you and want to wish you the happiest of all Mother’s Day!


Back to life, back to reality.

May 9th, 2014

back to life

Hey Party Monsters!

Hip hip HOORAY to blogger breaks! Everywhere I turn lately, I am hearing, reading, and conversing with blogger friends about being burnt out. People have been down right crispy! For the past month (both in real life and online) I have come in contact with people that are completely fed up with the crazy world of social media and the stress bloggers feel to produce great content. Stress looks good on NO one.

Well here is some great news for fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs alike! Having a internet business of any sort comes with an insane amount of pressure like most businesses. We are constantly trying to publish content and be current. We are always trying to think of a fun daily saying, checking our google analytics numbers, coming up with a witty tweetable, sharing a pinable image, or checking Facebook “likes”. We have the fear of fading into a virtual black hole. I’m here to inform you that, these fears are complete bullshit.

Blogging is by far one of my favorite things in the world. I recently had a meeting with my business coach and was informed that she enjoyed how much time and energy I put into my site/company but wanted to know what sets it apart from a glorified hobby. This idea wasn’t a fun one to address but, I understood the point she was making. The concept was actually a powerful boost of encouragement. I never want to consider my business as “just a hobby” but I never really want to see feel burnt out and overworked. It’s completely okay to call a time out. Seriously, just take a break.

A break doesn’t have to mean completely avoiding your job or calling it quits. Active breaks are possible. Plan ahead, get your systems in place, and walk away from a few things responsibly. When you’re good and ready, you will come back to life and you’ll be better than ever.

Blogger breaks are completely allowed and should be encouraged more in the blogger universe. Your “time out” will not break the internet. You might be missed for a little while but it will make it all the more special when you are bustin’ out some KICK ASS content. Your readers will be just fine for a while and love you just the same (or more) once you’ve returned.

I have been professionally blogging for a year and a half and have had a ton of great, sometimes embarrassing and terrifying experiences. Taking a break has probably been one of my healthiest and best learning experiences to date. My break put into perspective what I am doing here and I am happier than ever.


So grab a drink, take out a calendar and break responsibly! Breaks can be super helpful but it’s better to add some order to your chaos. Since this was my first major blogger break, here are some tips I would recommend to help you take a chill pill:

❤ Pick your slowest time of year. Being that i’ve only been pro blogging for a year and a half, it was hard for me to figure out when my slowest time would be. With that said, it seemed like I had the fewest readers in April. This information made it a bit easier to decide to take 4 weeks off for the month of April.

❤ Your break is a REAL event. Plan accordingly and make it your priority.

❤ Take advantage of platforms that allow you to schedule your social media postings. Take a day and set up content to go up for the amount of time you wish to take a break.

❤ Don’t feel like you have to completely throw in the towel. It’s okay to update your facebook manually or reply to your emails. Just lighten the load to give yourself some wiggle room.

Bring yourself (and your content) back to life. I find this to be rather necessary if you don’t want to become another abandoned blog on the world wide web. Happy Spring everyone and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

Photos by Death To Stock Photo.

No wire hangers, ever!

March 19th, 2014

mommie-dearest Sprinkles and Booze

It’s that magical time of year, where we are getting glimpses of Spring. Mother nature can be rather testy this time of year. What better mother to depict Spring than Mommie Dearest.

Before you think I am some dark and twisted person, let me explain myself. Joan Crawford, one of Hollywood’s greatest stars, was defined as a sadistic control freak in the film Mommie Dearest. The first time I saw Mommie Dearest, I was at a youth group sleepover during Halloween. I was very confused as to why someone that fabulous would be so horrible to her children. It was terrifying and puzzling (and still is). Mommie Dearest, like the Spring, can be beautiful and nurturing one moment, and a complete bitch of a storm the next.

To say Faye Dunaway’s performance as Joan Crawford is over-the-top is an understatement. To match the great performance, I went completely over-the-top with this style board. I was itching to have a floral/gold girly party. Don’t be surprised if I do a styled shoot inspired by this board. I am kind of in love with it. I thought it would be ideal to recreate Christina Crawford‘s birthday party scene but give it a modern twist.

My style board includes everything for the perfect Mommie Dearest spring party. From an eyebrow brush for the perfect eyebrows to colorful macaroons. The board also features a beautiful sequin hanger from Pearls and Pastries and confetti from The Confetti Bar. Check, check it!


Mommie Dearest Party + Fashion


What do you guys think? Are you feeling the insane amount of pink patterns with hints of gold? What celebrity kids do you think will be writing tell-all books in 20 years?

Stay sexy Gotham!