Oh my word, i’m sippin’ pretty!


Yo, ho ho and a bottle of rum!

I’ve been obsessed with straw attachments for my drinks. We all know that I am no stranger to the merrymaking of the everyday. It’s my passion to add a bit more spice to my daily life. Life can be tough, which is more the reason to celebrate most of our moments.


The straw attachments pictured were actually a gift and it took some searching but I did located them on Walmart.com. You can find them here and here. They are basically my favorite things right now. Also, I was asked what the Hello Kitty “Fizzy Pop” tastes like. It’s supposed to be “Cherry Limeade” flavored but I think it tastes like strawberry and awesome!

What are some of the ways your jazz up your beverages? How fun are straw attachments?! I am thinking about designing a few of my own.

Stay sexy Gotham!

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