Not so dandy Sandy.

I had a few  fun and festive ideas to get my first post off the ground for my blog, but recent more tragic events have taken place.

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Last week, most of the east coast was devastated by the Frankenstorm known as Hurricane Sandy. I was without power for about two days and bitched and moaned like a lot of people in the same situation. After a few cold showers in the dark by candlelight and freezing in your own home I realized that so many others probably have it way worse.

Being terrified of the dark (yes, I am 10 years old on the inside), I alternated staying with family and friends over that very short amount of time.  While staying with others, I watched the news stories of how truly terrible this storm was.  I live about 40 minutes outside of Manhattan and never thought my favorite city would be hindered so badly.Over a week later I am hearing the stories of those who lost everything they have worked years to gain. People talking about the deaths of loved ones and having nowhere to go. Hearing people’s concerns about a pending storm that is due this week while recovering from the last. So much unsure and unsettled energy in the air and there is still so much work to be done.

Being the complete optimistic person that I am, I instantly began to research ways to assist those still struggling to make life somewhat ‘normal’. Here is a list of ways to assist from volunteering to internet shopping. Help others and may you be blessed with a baby unicorn.

♥ Go SHOPPING! On the internet! Where you can do it in the comfort of your underoos. Ebay is helping those still struggling from Hurricane Sandy. Using eBay’s Giving Works site, you can see what percentage of the price you’ll pay for each item will be donated to relief efforts.

♥ Donate directly to the Red Cross! It takes seconds of time. You  can donate $10 directly to the Red Cross by texting the words “REDCROSS” to 90999. This is a great option for those people still without power but want to help out. RedCross also has an awesome app that provides alerts in case of zombies.

♥ If you’re obsessed with sites like Groupon, Living Social, among other ‘deal’ sites, you might be on Gilt City like myself. They have  pledged to donate 30% of all profits made on their NYC site to the American Red Cross to help with Sandy relief efforts. This will apply to any purchase made on the site from now through Sunday…so if you can access the Internet, you know where to go to pick up some great goods and deals and to donate to a cause close to home. I couldn’t think of a more posh way to do so.

♥ Marty Mcfly wants you to come to his party! The Young Patrons of Team Fox of NYC (Michael J. Fox’s foundation which benefits Parkinson’s research) will be donating 25% of all proceeds from their upcoming gala to hurricane relief efforts. There’s still time to buy tickets for this great party(and who doesn’t love a good party)– and help out those in need at the same time. The gala will be held on November 9th at Hudson Terrace.  Buy tix! 

♥ I know a lot of you are strong champions! Help build homes, chase away trolls, and feed those looking for food (but not the trolls). Check out Do Good Right Here, where you’ll find many listings for volunteer opportunities.

♥ iTunes! Now that people are getting their power back they are drowning in the internet and downloading up a storm. Apple set up a red cross donation page on iTunes to help with the efforts. You can access the site through iTunes’ special donation page, where you’ll see choices to donate anywhere from $5 to $200. Apple will donate 100% of the funds directly to the Red Cross.

♥ Last but definitely not least, the weather is definitely getting cooler, and there’s no better time to stock up on jackets and other cold-weather gear. American outerwear company Penfield will donate $10 from every sale to the American Red Cross, so click HERE to start shopping now! Holy everyone loves the Red Cross!

I heard there is loads of other projects in the works to bring light and positive energy back into the air. The more information I find out I will definitely be more than happy to share. Let’s all help those still recovering. Share your skills, love, and light! Continue to help heal NYC.

Have you heard of any creative and positive ways to help those in need?

Cheers and welcome to my crazy world,

Latanya Rene







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12 Responses to “Not so dandy Sandy.”

  1. Chelle says:

    tosses confetti at your first post. (well the first one i was able to read). thanks for the do-going info!

  2. Dara says:

    Yay, your blog is up!! Congrats! <3

  3. Congrats on your FIRST POST!!! How exciting! Loving the design. This is a great and knowledgeable post – thanks for sharing your insight on Sandy. I had no idea there were so many ways to help.

  4. Christine says:

    Great post! And excellent ideas on how to help our battered (but not beaten) city!

  5. Congratulations on your 1st post girl!! I love the simplicity of your layout + design – so fun!
    Sending love + healing to all the people affected by Sandy. East coasters have weathered many a storm and are super resilient. They’ll come back – even stronger!

  6. Femke says:

    YAY! I’m sooooo happy your blog’s up and running! Great first post, doll! I’m sure you’ll be doing so well and can’t wait to read more! Will follow you every step of the way! xxx

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