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Hello wonderful party monsters!

With a new year comes many new features and tons of new content. I’ve been having a rough time actually sticking to a schedule and this WILL get better. Per usual, there are some exciting, somewhat geeky, and very sparkly things in the works.

For those folks that know me well, you know I love offbeat self help gurus and learning to celebrate life in unique ways. When starting my venture as a lifestyle blogger, I had no idea where it was going to take me. The more I blog, craft, and celebrate life the more things unfold for the better. It’s an exciting and sometimes scary journey but it’s all about the journey, isn’t it?

With life celebration in mind (and I do mean LIFE celebration, flaws and all), I decided to include a new feature to this wonderful little piece of the internet called “LoveU :Get Schooled on Self Celebration”. This feature is like a mini lesson on how to get to your perfect celebration of you! It’s about making your life about health, love, and partying without feeling guilty.

These lessons will come in the form of fun product reviews, my own personal struggles and what I do to overcome them, and how to celebrate yourself on the daily. We don’t have to save the fun for special occasions, we should learn how to bring the party into our daily lives. Loving yourself daily means loving your career, having positive and healthy relationships, eating what you love and not feeling guilty, and anything else under the sun that brings you to your true internal happiness.

RV Slim Down Sprinkles and Booze

The River Valley Slim Down Challenge is our first topic on the LoveU syllabus. This will actually be a topic within the LoveU feature for weeks to come. I have been asked to document my journey in a 12 week health and fitness program. The challenge actually began last week on January 11th.

Donna Scott is the owner of IFoundFitness located in Deep River, CT. She recently announced her 7th annual River Valley Slimdown and the participants poured in. We all compete to lose the most weight over a 12 week period and we are also raising funds for charity. What better way to lose weight than for your health and also helping the community? It’s a win/win.

There have been over six challenges at IFoundFitness and Donna and her team has helped over 120 participants lose over 860 pounds! That’s a whole lotta boxes of butter! The challenge has raised over $1200 for different organizations and the current challenge will donate 20% of the challenge jackpot to a charity which will be decided by the participants.

The jackpot is based on the brave souls that decide to take the weight loss challenge by the horns. Each participant has to put in $65 (entry fee) into the challenge jackpot which includes a weekly weigh-in. If a participant gains weight or doesn’t lose anything, it results in a penalty fee. All of the penalties plus the original registration fee goes towards the final jackpot. This jackpot is then divided between the contest winner and the selected charity.

So I just completed the first week of this challenge. Overall, the participants have collectively lost 87 pounds in week one and gained only 4.2. How insanely awesome are those results?! I am sure you’re wondering specifically what yours truly has lost. Well completely shocked and excited, I am proud to announce that I have lost 10 pounds within the first week of the challenge. I will be sharing how I kick started my wellness journey in a product review of Raw Generation juices, but for the most part it was a lot of eating more, dancing, laughing and loving.

I’m extremely jazzed and proud of the progress I have made in the first week of this challenge and couldn’t have imagined doing so well. One thing I’ve found extremely helpful in week number one is sharing my new lifestyle with the public. Everyone I came in contact with was aware that I am taking part in a weight loss challenge. This has been majorly important because I have increased my accountability.

Making your journey public forces you to not want to fail and helps you realize that the most important person within this process is and will always be you. You will hear a ton of mixed bag of tricks and tips to lose weight. While I love people sharing their wellness tips, no two people are the same and you might find something that works for you that others are completely against. It’s best to take in everything that everyone is saying and know that they are trying to support you in their own way.

Problem solve like you’re a mad scientist. If nothing you’re doing is working and you’re not feeling completely fantastic then try something new. We are all unique creatures and there is no simple fix that will work on all of us. We aren’t robots or clones. Celebrate your health in your own personal way, and you will be surprised in the magic you unlock within your life.

The lesson of this post should be, don’t be afraid to celebrate with others. Let them in on your struggles and your victories. Throw some confetti in the air just because you’re choosing caring for yourself over self loathing. This will help weed out the bad apples within your circle of friends as well. Make it a priority to make every day full of celebration and love. Get rid of fear and share your struggles. It’s key in daily self love and celebration. Forever and always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

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  1. donna says:

    AWESOME JOB LATANYA!! You told me you were in it to win it and you were not kidding from your results this week girlfriend! So Proud of you! and can’t wait to see you in group exercise class this week!

    xxoo [email protected]

  2. Kristin says:

    so proud of you!!! keep up the good work!

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