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Websites that assist with crowdfuning like Kickstarter funding might be an amazing fit for an independent creative making a big project. I was starting to wonder “What about the creatives who are constantly making projects?”

I was having one of my weekly conversations with my friend Jaymz and she told me about this amazing crowd sourcing website called Patreon. The concept of this website is actually brilliant. It gives power to your supporters for them to show…well that they support you! The support gives you more freedom to provide more awesome content, projects, events, etc. It’s also a kick ass way to keep you motivated. It’s a win/win for everyone involved!

I have been looking for something similiar to this website for a while. It allows you to set up the funds provided by your supporters by the project or monthly. I decided to set up my account to allow people to contribute monthly if they ever so desired to do so. You supporters can also support for as long or as little as they wish. It can be as little as a dollar a month of support and when building a brand that dollar definitely does go a long way. That’s 12 dollars a year to help make someone more awesome that you’ve already found to be amazing!

There are a lot of monthly expenses that do come along with being an ever so fabulous lifestyle blogger and party maker. This site would be a supportive network on a whole new level. If you can go to Starbucks and give the barista a tip of a dollar for making you a latte, you can do the same via the internet for people creating awesomeness for your eyeballs, earsballs, and your entire being.

Jack Conte of the band Pomplamoose, created Patreon. He wanted a platform in which supporters have the option of showing their love for the creatives of the world and give the power back to the supporters. Patreon users are able to set the terms of the perks they will provide for patrons on various payment levels. Some people see this as another spin on crowdfunding, but I see it as another way to build a positive support group virtually. Plus, who wouldn’t want the best guaranteed content possible?! This is the best way to go about making the internet even more awesome!

Unicorn take over

Okay folks, everyone hop on a unicorn and lets take over the internet! I actually launched my Patreon a couple of weeks ago and within the first couple of days reached my first goal which is a complete blessing. I haven’t been promoting my account too often due to life circumstances that came up over the last two weeks but now I am back in the game. I am BEYOND ready to take Sprinkles and Booze to the next level and love ALL and any of the support that i’ve gotten up to this point. I seriously love all of you from the bottom of my heart!

I will be making regular updates on my Patreon account and updating the perks regularly! I am so excited about this new venture into the crowdfunding world. Share with anyone that you think would enjoy my madness, continue to be awesome, and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

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