My Coheed and Cambria story.


Photos in this courtesy of Coheed and Cambria’s instagram from their Radio City Show

There are few things that we hold on to and still enjoy as we get older. One of my many loves in life was and still is Michael Jackson. MJ was probably my first real passionate pop culture love. From his killer beats to his sick dance moves, I was hooked. There was something magical that translates in his music and performance. In my eyes, the king of pop could do no wrong.

During my very early teens, I became a huge Harry Potter-head. This love continued into my adulthood until the series ended. It was an odd feeling, because i’ve literally grown with the series. Watching Harry Potter grow along side myself was a brilliant experience. I am still super sad that it’s over. I am not sure if I will ever recover. COME BACK HARRY, COME BACK!

In the year 2001, I discovered a band by mistake at a local Long Island music festival. Originally, I was drawn to this band because of the lead singer’s intense, wonderful and massive hair. I remember turning to my friend and saying “Omg! We have the same hair.” After the shock of dope hair set in, I instantly noticed the unique pipes on this fro-y man. Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria’s frontman) sings entirely in falsetto. During the early years, the band was called Shabütie. At this point, they had an EP called “Delirium Trigger”. I instantly was in a trance watching them perform. I worked up the nerve to ask “Where are you guys playing next?” only to be given a complete list of their next 10-15 performances. This was the start of something HUGE in my life.


A few months in my love for the band, Shabütie became as we know them, Coheed and Cambria. Some of the songs that were on Delirium Trigger were in fact based on a series of sci-fi comics that Mr. Sanchez wrote himself. Originally the series was called “The Bag.On.Line Adventures” but was then later changed to “The Amory Wars”. If you can get your hands on them, definitely check out the comics. Coheed and Cambria were the main characters in this epic series. In 1998 after visiting Paris, the band knew which direction they wanted to go in. Once the plans actually moved forward and they gave birth to Coheed and Cambria, the ball started rolling towards great music and a great storyline.

In early 2002, I was blessed with the gift of a hand me down family car. This triggered a series of trips into NY state to see Coheed and Cambria play EVERYWHERE! I literally mean everywhere. I saw them play in classrooms at colleges, people’s backyards, parks, and even at a house party in a kitchen. During this time, the band also got signed and released its first studio album “The Second Stage Turbine Blade”. When this album dropped, I don’t think there was a day that I didn’t listen to it. The music literally spoke to my soul. The storyline, music and lyrics definitely put a spell on me. The band officially became my drug of choice.


Last Wednesday, I came back to the east coast after spending a month in the west. I literally had enough time to rest for a couples only to get up to head to Boston to see Coheed and Cambria. Did I mention that the first weekend in Portland, I had the chance of going to a Coheed and Cambria show as well? I know, I am out of my mind but I seriously love the band THAT much.

The band played two, back to back Boston shows at the House of Blues. I was honored enough to be able to attend both of the shows. I was even invited to a third (and historic) show in NYC on 3/16. Coheed and Cambria played their first massive solo show at Radio City Music Hall. I would have more than loved to take the extra ticket that was offered, but I was simply BEAT! I literally got off a plane, slept a couple of hours, went to Boston, danced and sang my ass off, then traveled back to CT.

After seeing Coheed and Cambria last week, it marks my 305th Coheed and Cambria show. Talk about fan girl! The number is completely intense and I could see them another 300 times and never be sick of them. My goal is to get 60 more shows under my belt so I can say that i’ve seen Coheed and Cambria for an entire year. These days, it’s harder to see them as many times as I did in the beginning. Back then, they were playing shows weekly and basically everywhere. Coheed and Cambria  has been with me since I was 17 years old and I am honored they are a part of my life journey.


Congrats to making it to Radio City Music Hall guys! You deserve the success that you guys have landed and you will forever be my entire heart. Thank you for growing and rocking with me.

As always, let your geek flag fly! What do you enjoy geeking out over? Are you a complete fan boy/girl over something amazing?

Coheed and Cambria lovin’ for life,

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  1. r4i sdhc says:

    this is great blog, I will certainly be back.

  2. Jenny says:

    I Love Coheed and Cambria! I had no idea about the backstory though! very interesting! His voice is magical 😀 They should totally make you their PR ambassador! 🙂

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