Makin’ the time for time management.

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Recently, my life has drastically changed (for the better) but also taken on a lot more projects, goals, and responsibilities. I have been quite busy and I love it but on and off I struggle with time management.

Coming out of the typical 9 to 5 office world and being thrown into the blogosphere was a bit terrifying and I am still developing my footing. Being pushed into something I love was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me but at the same time I need to develop a new structure. A lot of goals and new business ventures were born in a very short amount of time and I wasn’t prepared. Because of all of the insanity, I was forced into making a list of my rules for proper time management. I decided to share with you guys in hopes that it helps with your personal goals and making them a reality.

Figuring out what your goals are and where to place them. This is a big part of managing your time. If you state and figure out your goals, you will be able to break them down into time. Sadly, there is no way to expand time, so this is when we need to figure out what is the most important in our goal buckets. I made a system as to what is the most important to me to the least (but still) important. Everyone’s system of importance will always work out differently and you can always switch things out as your life changes and when it is necessary. Sort out your goal bucket to what fits best to your current life. Please, please, please don’t forget to include “you” time. Don’t become a crazed workaholic or constantly feel as if you need to be working towards something within your goal bucket. Your goals will quickly become your chores if you try to constantly work towards them.

So, what’s the game plan? Once you take your bucket of goals and figure out what is most important to you, you need to come up with a plan in which you will achieve these goals. I am QUEEN of lists. I like making to-do lists and putting a time frame on each thing on my lists. I find that I am way less productive if I don’t have a list of what I should be doing. Sometimes I even set little alarms as to when to stop doing something to move on to the next. I like making a game out of this from time to time and I use fun apps to help. Handwritten lists are also still my favorite because there is something magical about crossing things off. It is similar to the feeling of beating a boss in a video game. It’s a precious moment.

What a waste! We all can spend HOURS on Pinterest and Instagram. Hell, as a blogger it’s sort of part of the job. You can still do your internet lusting but you need to schedule it in. It sounds a bit odd but if you put a time limit on how long you’re browsing, playing, or taking a breather it will free up more time to be working on things you really find more important.

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More bang for your buck. How many things can you comfortably do at once? Multi-tasking can and will be your friend but only if you want it to be. For example right now I am doing laundry, baking muffins, and blogging. Imagine if I tried to do all three of those things completely separately and how long it will take to get them done. Always brainstorm on ways to make multi-tasking work in your favor. You will be surprised as to how much you can get done, once you have the proper system in line. Do I smell something burning?

No means no. The more projects I am offered and the more my crazy home on the internet grows, I am getting offered more and more great projects and collaborations. Yes, I am still rather new in the blogging world and developing my title as a professional party thrower but it’s never too soon to say no to things. Always handle what is already on your plate before going for seconds. The more you take on the more you feel overwhelmed. Take on what you can handle and once things are completed or become easier, you can add to your already busy schedule.

In conclusion, none of us are Superman (and if you are, call me). You will come into times where you feel like you’re running late on everything and you just want to throw in the towel. Fortunately, if you have your own system for time management in line you can always play catch up and re-work it so you’re getting more done for the time we are given. Do not let those bad timing days ruin your life. Stop stressing because it gives you wrinkles and can make you sick. Every effort towards your goal is a good effort. Always push forward to be bigger and better but don’t go crazy trying to get there.

Stay sexy Gotham!

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2 Responses to “Makin’ the time for time management.”

  1. Amy says:

    Oh the handwritten list! Sometimes I add things I’ve already done just so I can tick them off…Great post!

    • Thank you so much!

      Yeah, I love making handwritten list. I am the same way about having a ACTUAL planner. I was using my phone for my schedule for a while but I resort back to having an actual day planner because I love writing things down.

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