Every day holds new magic.

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I find it extremely hard to believe it’s the first day of October. There are only 91 days and 13 weeks left in 2013. Where did this year fade away to?

I will say that I’ve been having an exceptional year. I’ve had a few wonderful things happen just over the last few days even. Some of you may know that I am in the last few months of my 20’s. I will start a new section of life in March. For most, if not for all of this year I’ve found a great need and desire to simplify my life. When I say simply, I mean simply, almost in the sense that everything MUST go to make room for the new; and boy do I have a lot of stuff!

Like a lot of us in our 20’s, I’ve made poor choices with my money at times. I packed my calendar full of goals and appointments. I continued to tell myself, ‘tomorrow I’ll do it,’ but never follow up. This year has been no different for me with one exception. That empty and lost feeling hit me harder. I’m still rather young but not getting any younger. I have become completely fed up with myself.

October is not only my favorite month. It marks 6 months from my birthday. This October I am making it my personal time to simplify things. I will get my priorities and life in proper order. That’s right folks! Waiting for tomorrow has expired. There is life to live NOW.

In order to prep for the day, I’ll wake up earlier to meditate and spend time alone. I’ll go on fall hikes and walks. I’ll take in the crisp Autumn air a few times a week. I’m ready to bring in my new life, do it properly and with ease. I want to encourage others to simplify and live. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, breath deep and relax. It will pass as you de-clutter, decompress and connect with yourself. Once you remove old distractions, you make room for new and great opportunities. Float across the waves of the rubbish to get to where you really wish to be in life. It’s time to get to work! Everyday holds new magic, if you’re willing to accept it. This is just the beginning.

Stay sexy Gotham!

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4 Responses to “Every day holds new magic.”

  1. MJ says:

    I turn 30 next yearm and you know I cannot wait to be rid of my 20’s!

  2. Beautiful sentiments. I definitely go through cycles where I need to get rid of all the clutter in my life–including the internal clutter–step back and start fresh, breathing in the moment and living for the day. If you’ve come to this realization already, you are going to rock your 30s!

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