Kiss me, I’m an Aries!


Yep! It’s that magical day of the year where I get loads of beautiful messages, gifts, phone calls, and love. Those that know me, know that I am simply in LOVE with my birthday. The date March 26th is actually a pretty popular day to have been born. In my personal circle of friends, I have 9, yes 9 friends with the same exact birthday as myself. I like to joke around and say things like “We must be the chosen. You know, for when doomsday happens”. It’s just so weird that so many people have come into my life that were born on the same day. To make matters even weirder, I come into contact with new people ALL of the time with the same birthday. We are the doomsday warriors.

Earlier today I was talking to my lovely blogcadette friend, Anita. She is another fellow Aries Goddess. She wrote this brilliant post about wanting to hang out with her celebrity birthday twin, Reese Witherspoon. Are you wondering who my celebrity twins are? I literally gush about them every year.


The lovely original Diva herself, Diana Ross.


Rock n’ Roll God, Steven Tyler.

If I were to party with my celebrity twins, it would be a HELL of a fabulous and sparkly celebration. This year I decided to celebrate in a low key manner in Manhattan. It was full of food, drinks, laughs and titty tassels.

I started my birthday celebration with an Aries themed brunch at Yerba Buena with Brittany and the gang. We all ate, drank unlimited brunch cocktails and had a ton of silly conversations. It was the perfect start to the day.

For dessert (yes, you can have dessert to your brunch), I met up with blogcadettes Islandia, Angela, and Charlotte. We met at Sweet Revenge for a brief but necessary gathering. We ate cupcakes, drank booze, and made small talk. I adore these ladies and it was our first time seeing each other since Blogcademy. They filled my heart with glitter and sunshine.

Sadly, I had to cut the meeting short with my blogger lady friends to run off to Ippudo for some ramen and friendly faces. A couple of friends and myself stuffed our faces until I thought I was going to pass out. After dinner we headed over to the Slipper Room for some burlesque greatness. My favorite part of the evening was getting groped by the burlesque host on stage. It was classic and perfect. Low key and exactly what I needed. I didn’t want to go insane with the planning and partying this year. Next year I will be the big 3-0 which means shit is going to get insane.


We Aries can be a handful on a typical day and earlier this morning I was asked how does one “land” a powerhouse Aries. I made a very small but useful list for those that are trying to charm your way into the hearts and pants of a fire-y Aries.

We like funny and witty. If you can make us laugh on a regular then it’s pretty much a done deal.

We love sparkle! Impress us by covering yourself in glitter and standing in the middle of a room and pretending you’re a disco ball.

Surprise us! I haven’t met an Aries that hates surprises. Plan a unique and different outting and take us out on the town in your own special way.

Make us feel special. We take notice. If you remember special dates(anniversaries, birthdays, etc.) or our favorite movies, we will love you. We live for that shit. We like to know we are important.


Last evening I had a brilliant conversation with a friend that i’ve know for all of my 20’s. It was one of those conversations where everything just clicked and I realized that we were on the same wave length. It was so good and such a great way to start my birthday. It definitely made me realize how blessed and honored I am to have such great people in my life. It’s impossible for me to express how much I appreciate all of your support and faith in me.

As I sit here listening to Radiohead and eating a cupcake, I can say I am truly happy. There is no other reason to exist than to live your purpose and be completely joyful. I feel so lucky and wonderful. I wake up everyday and feel an overwhelming positive and supportive energy from my entourage of fabulous. I live day to day as if it’s my birthday. I would like to give a massive THANK YOU to all of you and the universe.


Keep it sexy, Gotham!


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  1. Love this post! Happy Happy Birthday! Steve Tyler, too! Now that is cool!

  2. Sidra says:

    Happy Birthday!! You are so lucky to have Diana Ross and Steven Tyler as your birthday twins. Mine are Lady Gaga, Julia Stiles, and Reba McEntire. I was reading your “charm an Aries” list and mentally checking off each one – no wonder I love my silly husband!

    Hope your day was full of sparkles, sprinkles and booze. xo

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  4. hey. you have a pretty good post there mate.

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