Jenna, I love you but…

Now, I had a different review in mind for today but had to talk a little about my thoughts on this Jenna Marbles video that was posted last week. Before I go any further, I am a HUGE fan of Jenna’s and find her videos funny and great most of the time, so I am not by all means bashing her opinion. I am simply stating my opinion and review of this video. I of course would love to hear from you guys on your thoughts and feelings about the topic at hand.

Initially, when I watched the video I found it to be a joke. I didn’t realize she states in the beginning of the video “This video isn’t really going to funny” which means that she for the most part means every word that she is saying.  She also started by saying that she is aware that the word “slut” has negative connotation and that being a slut is a choice. Okay, I guess this is half true? The word slut DOES have negative connotations but, it is a woman’s choice to be sexually promiscuous. I think what Jenna was missing is the point that women should not be subject to shame for their choices. I think she dropped the ball a bit on NOT judging others for their choices even if she said a few times “Hey! It’s your choice! I’m not gonna judge you!”

Now some of the points in her video are completely valid and great points. Like the bit where she says  “not going home with strangers because they might chop you up into little pieces”. I for one am a horror movie fanatic, and I have an on going fear that I am going to end up in someone’s freezer. I am also way too trusting at times and agree, there should be a buffer for chicks that just don’t have their guard up or one too many drinks. I think that as a whole (men and women alike) we should look out for one another. This precaution isn’t just reserved for promiscuous women. Sadly, the world we live in, you have to protect yourself and others that you think might be in a dangerous situation. I definitely agree with what Jenna was saying, but it could have been worded a bit differently with less of an ego and less judging.

Another touchy part of this video in my complete opinion is where she mentions, “Hooking up with a bunch of guys doesn’t make you cool. Hooking up with one dude you know and really care about, makes you cool.” Okay, woah. What happens if we replace that word “cool” with “worthy”. Let’s try that again with “intelligent”. The society that we in live shows that not only are you “uncool” if you a woman in charge of your sexuality but you are lesser than others and if you are in a situation where you are taken advantage of you did something to trigger that action. Nope, I can’t fully cosign on this idea, guys. There are tons of women that are completely in full control of what they wish to do with their bodies and who they want to do these things with. So these women are consider “sluts” and “uncool” seems like things are going a bit backwards, don’t you think?

Jenna touches base on her ideals of monogamy which is completely acceptable if that is how she feels it should be but she also states that “Anyone can be a slut” and “What separates humans from animals is their ability to be monogamous”, she puts promiscuous women on a sub-standard level of existence. What a woman decides to do in her own spare time is completely up to her and doesn’t make her less than anyone else. It doesn’t make her less professional, successful, intelligent, beautiful, or unique. A woman can still have her hopes and dreams and views on the world in a positive light and she shouldn’t be judged on how she wishes to pleasure herself.

If your choice is to be monogamous because you’re uncomfortable with having multiple partners, that is 100% okay but if a woman wants to have as many sexual partners that she wishes, she shouldn’t have to deal with whatever negative ideals come along with that. A man can sleep with as many women as he wants and be considered a “player”. As a whole society doesn’t see this as a negative (but a lot of women do), and sometimes is praised for the amount of “attention” he is getting from women by other men! Labels can be tricky and dangerous and unrealistic in a lot of cases. Not one label can classify a single person, ever.

In conclusion to my review (which I hope wasn’t too ranty), Jenna has a certain way about her that makes her, her. This is something that anyone that follows her will understand. She is very in your face, blunt, and honest which in all honesty, is why I started watching her vlogs. She has a way of presenting something in a completely funny way which is why when I originally watched the video, I didn’t take it seriously at all. I thought the entire thing was a joke until I re-watched it and realized, she was being serious. I don’t think I could ever actually hate Jenna Marbles or think her opinion isn’t valid in her own personal life. My problem with the video is that the majority of her following are young 20 something females that see Jenna as somewhat of a role model. There is less judgmental (and positive) way to go about her ideas with a topic that society holds against promiscuous women. So once again, I don’t fault Jenna for her opinion I just wish it was handled a little differently given the position she is in. She has over 5 million subscribers (which by the way is insane!) but like she said in her video about “many of them girls” she should be a bit more considerate about what she says and how it can affect some viewers and keep an open mind to the way others choose to live their lives.

How do you personally feel about Jenna’s video? Do you think that she was in the right? Was she in the wrong? Are you indifferent? What are your thoughts?

Here is a response video that is one of the bravest things i’ve ever experienced on all of Youtube…

Still amazed at how brilliant Chescaleigh is,

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  1. Chelle says:

    ‘If your choice is to be monogamous because you’re uncomfortable with having multiple partners, that is 100% okay but if a woman wants to have as many sexual partners that she wishes, she shouldn’t have to deal with whatever negative ideals come along with that. A man can sleep with as many women as he wants and be consider a “player”’

    this kinda sums it up. what i do with whomever is no one’s concerned. if i get in trouble for stupid choices, i will have to take a look at my part in that. how about we start teaching boys to respect the power of “no” or not look at an opportunity to take advantage of someone w impaired.

  2. Seriously. I totally agree.

  3. Jenny says:

    That woman’s video at the end. Wish I was that brave. She’s amazing!

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