I’m going to be drinking a whole bunch of coffee!


So I am going to be listening to some Nirvana and heading to Seattle for the weekend. I am pretty excited because people that have been there seem to think it’s my sort of city. Be sure to check my Instagram for the millions of photos I will surely be posting.

I just wanted to put up a quick post to announce my month long project that will be taking place here on Sprinkles and Booze. My birthday is March 26th and I sort of go overboard with my birthday every year since birth…literally. I like to celebrate my birthday for the entire month. Typically I am way more giddy, off beat and, loud during the entire month of March. I want to spread my happy with the masses so for the entire month of March there will be an additional daily post. I will call these posts random posts of happy. They will be random tidbits from my ever so crazy brain. I am doing this in hopes to bring a little more happy to your daily lives and your face.


So I am super excited to share my happiness with you and super excited for Seattle! It’s going to be a brilliantly smashing good time. Any recommendations on what I should do while I am in Seattle?

Super jazzed,
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