I’m a Drag Queen on the inside.

Those that know me, know that I am quite the character. I’ve taken a love for the art form of Burlesque in the past year or so and have watched hundreds of burlesque performances. Lately, I have put more thought in what type of performer I truly want to be. Naturally, I turned to drag queens.

 Empress XXXIX Raye Sunshine Photographed Kate McLaren

Most drag queens put their complete ALL into their character and performance. Most of these guys can impersonate a woman better than I can. Instead of being jealous, I decided to take notes.

I am a rather campy and over the top sort of girl. Most drag queens have mastered the art of being completely over the top yet keeping the perfect female form. These guys are masters of makeup and can have a complete understanding of high fashion. It seems like it comes so natural but I am sure it takes years of work and trial and error.

Another brilliant trait of a good drag queen is the ability and skill of improv. Sign me the hell up for whatever class these lady boys are taking. Simply genius. I watch Rupaul’s Drag Race  weekly and I am pretty sure there isn’t a moment that I am not cackling at puns.

Flattery from men is lovely in general, but when you get a compliment from a lady boy it takes the cake! I am rather sure every drag queen I have come into contact with has loved my boobs, makeup, or my loud candid mouth. No one can make me blush like a man in drag.

The art of female impersonation can be dated back to the Garden of Eden days. I find it to be a complete honor. Women are very complex and have tons of features that if one wasn’t a woman, would be difficult to replicate. Not to mention a lot of these men make their own garments and even had to make their own shoes. If I had to make all of my own shoes and outfits, I would basically walk around looking like a shack of rubbish. Complete rubbish! That is dedication. How do these men pull off such fabulous traits? How is it possible that a lot of women feel that there are men out there doing a better job at being glamours and spectacular than they are?

I will be taking it upon myself to find the perfect drag mother within the next year. I assume that drag mothers know best! I need to find someone to teach me the secrets of these gender illusionists. I want to be covered in sequins and spitting witty one liners but most of all, I want to learn the art of owning my fabulousity. Do these men really hold a secret in which us ladies don’t know about?

I know I am fabulous but not in the same sense that a drag queen does. I can look up at a 7 foot drag queen and feel the level of confidence without him even saying a word to me. The art to laugh at yourself and bring out your pride with humor is a complete gift.

These boys break the ideas of what we are taught we should be. We see within them how we want to feel on the inside. They teach us that it is okay to be mouthy, and loud, and tall, and be covered in glitter, or dressed like a cupcake. Being flamboyant is in my blood and I look up to these men for not only being okay with who they are but making it their lives and purpose.

Always own who you are it is the only way to be truly happy with ones self. Release your inner drag queen.


Latanya Rene


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4 Responses to “I’m a Drag Queen on the inside.”

  1. Chelle says:

    “Always own who you are it is the only way to be truly happy with ones self. ” should be the mantra of all.

  2. Femke says:

    I’m ready to release my inner drag queen and I’m up for a challenge! 🙂

  3. Tasha says:

    Good luck finding your fairy drag mother!!! Xoxo

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