I just wanna have your style up in my life…

Photo by Aimee Han

I am a true nerd and I remember most things that happen in my life to the date. The first song I heard in 2012 was Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” featuring KimbraThis song was basically everyone’s jam for months and hit so extremely close to home for most of us. A huge part of why I love this song is because, I completely fell in amour with the crazy insane awesome pipes of KimbraShe transformed the song from completely emo to completely independent. This transition plays a huge part in what makes this song so powerful.

Instantly, I began to do a million searches on who this stunning girl was. Upon my research, I discovered the video for her single “Settle Down”. I felt that this New Zealand songbird was speaking directly to me. Not only from the power in her voice but her lyrics were dead on. I don’t know a girl in the world that hasn’t felt exactly the way Kimbra felt when she wrote these lyrics.  On top of being blown away by the music, I instantly fell in love with the styling and wardrobe in this video.


Once Kimbra’s album hit the states, her fashion sense quickly became as notable as her amazing talent. Give me a girly dress with loads of volume any day of the week! Everything this girl puts on is ACE! So much lace, and mirrors, and sequins. I can die in her closet a very happy girl.  It’s a serious gift to make a statement without being half naked in today’s pop culture.

 Photo by  Thom Kerr

Kimbra has managed to do something I have been trying to do for years. She has turned herself into a modern day princess. She manages to stick to her style whether its in a photoshoot, at a concert, or just walking about. Most of her looks are very graphic and can often include a tutu-esque skirt. I enjoy anything that has a passive amount of tulle and lots and lots of colors.

 Photo by Shaun Hartas

One would think “I would never have the budget to dress this fantastic!” but realistically, Kimbra has been known to rock a $20 vintage thrift find on more than one occasion. She is also a huge supporter of her local fashion designers such as Jaime Lee . I love a modest girl with kick-ass style!

 I leave you with some photos from the Kimbra Facebook Page  from some her live performances. The girl is not only a ball of walking talent but stylish as all hell! I’ve been reading reviews of her live performances all morning, and from the sounds of it she turns her concerts into giant dance parties. I would imagine it’s easier to bust a move in her fun party dresses instead of  tight, restrictive traditional ‘pop’ attire.  If you aren’t into her music (which I don’t know how you wouldn’t be), at least love her for her fierce, princess, superhero threads.

Are you in love with super girly dresses as much as I am? Do you constantly dream of being a superhero princess unicorn person like I do? If you answered yes to these questions, when do you want to go shopping?

Over and out,

Latanya Rene

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6 Responses to “I just wanna have your style up in my life…”

  1. xandra says:

    kimbra totally appreciates percussion and therefore i totally appreciate her (if the honest intensity and killer wardrobe weren’t enough already. but i mean those go without saying. and i’ve definitely just pinterest-ed that woodsy fashion shot…). love your signout as well 😉
    xandra ★

  2. Rubu says:

    Her hair is gorgeous. I want that cut!

  3. Larah says:

    …thanks for sharing… I did not even know someone had a song that expressed how i felt like that.

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