How to survive family members during the holidays.

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So the holidays are here and I am sure  there isn’t enough vodka in the world to drown out the craziness of some of your family members. How many times can you hear your uncle tell the SAME story he tells you every time he sees you? Also, I am sure we all have those relatives that insist on telling us information that we would have never wished to know. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been around family members that were counting the calories of everything on my plate or trying to find out why i’m not married yet. It would be nice to have a set plan on what to do in those difficult situations. I’m here to give you some helpful tips on how to survive your family on the holidays. Buckle your seat belts guys, someone’s uncle is about to make things very awkward.

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Make sure you have your sense of humor turned up to high. Let’s face it kids, all of our families are crazy. Yes, we love them but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t crazy as hell. The holidays are already stressful enough, so let’s make light of it. Something I enjoy doing is pretending that my family is on some insane drama filled reality show (Bad Girls Club style). Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (all but the mystery meat that your aunt is trying to force feed you). Laugh and joke about the nonsense that takes place because in all honesty, that’s all you can do. 

Don’t be fooled! Your family will never be that family pictured in the perfect holiday setting in that commercial with the giant turkey. Join in with the crazy if necessary. Learn to enjoy the crazy stories, awkward moments, and eggnog. As they say, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. You can always go back to your “I’m cooler than my family” life after your done singing some carols, hanging some decorations, and wondering why grandpa wandered into the living room naked. 

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Bring a sexy decoy. Well maybe not a ‘sexy’ decoy but someone that you enjoy being around as a good distraction. This person can also be used as a excuse to leave, “I know Uncle Frank, but my friend’s face is bleeding and he is sitting in my car. I really need to go”. Decoys are love in this situation. Extra points if they are actually sexy and you can run off to go to a dance party being held at a local Chinese restaurant. 

Bottoms up! If all of these other tips fail or you feel that you mentally can not handle your yearly awkward family moments, drink it up! Don’t get trashed but definitely drink enough to be okay with the fact that there are crazy things taking place around, near, or to you. 

We can’t help but love where we come from. Family will always be family. We can’t choose them but remember, they are there for the love. No mater how weird, or drunk, or naked, or awkward, or terrifying, or uncomfortable they may be. Blood is thicker than water.

Do you have any tricks that I should know about to help deal with the once a year family awkward? Are you married or in a relationship where you would have to deal with double the uncomfortable because you have to visit two crazy families? Are you brave enough to share any of your embarrassing family during the holidays stories?

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  1. Nikki says:

    Haha, I absolutely love this post!! Everyone was thinking it, someone needed to say it. Keep ’em coming, ladycakes! xx

  2. this is hilarious, and i love it!! best holiday post i’ve read all season. i choose the drinking/decoy/join in on the crazy methods – those seem to work well 🙂

  3. Karen Nahas says:

    This is hilarious! KV Confessions sent me :). New follower.

  4. Kenzie S says:

    This post is wonderful! I love the last tip, bottoms up! KV’s Confessions sent me 😀

  5. aileen says:

    LOL this is hilarious! Looove it. Coming from KV’s Confessions.

  6. stephanie says:

    haha what a fun post… my family can definitely be crazy, but i love them!

    found your blog through KV’s Confessions 🙂

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