How to prepare and party for New Year’s Eve Crazyness!


Now that the Christmas madness is out of the way, it’s time to get all prettied up to party like a rockstar!  Right in between the crazy holiday madness and the pressure of a new year full of goals and deadlines, lies the act of celebrating out with the old and in with the new. I believe in celebrating everything. I look for any reason to gather and make memories while sharing positive energy with others. Here are a few pointers on how to doubly make sure your New Year’s Eve counts and goes into your personal book of awesomeness.

You can be a party monster make sure to have a plan. Always, always, always plan ahead! Putting some sort of thought into your game plan almost always promises for a good night. Pick your co-party monsters, where you will be headed, what you will be wearing, how much sequins you will have on person, and pick your poison. Honestly, the more you plan the better but don’t get too obsessed with the game plan. Let it be somewhat  loose at the same time because not everything works out according to plan. Just have a general idea of what you want to take place and make sure to have FUN! Fun is definitely the most important part. It’s best just to get the small details out of the way so really all you have to do is show up for the fun. No matter how big or small your plans are.

Don’t do the same thing every year. Mix that shit up! Don’t get stuck in the “Eh, I just stay home and eat cookies on New Year’s Eve” routine. CELEBRATE! Make memories. This celebration can be a dinner out (or in) with that special someone while watching motivational movies to get you ready for the new year, or it can be a night out in a posh nightclub shakin’ what your momma gave you. Go ice skating at midnight, have a bonfire in your backyard, or party it up on New Year’s Day. Plan a champagne brunch and make a toast to a brilliant year of happiness. How you wish to celebrate is up to you but do something that makes you happy. Don’t start the new year as a grump.



Avoid the dreaded hangover not awesomeness.  Entering a new year (YAY! 2013!!!) should not involve a headache or puking your brains out. Something that helps me avoid a hangover is taking my vitamins before a night of drinking and alternating my drinks with water. Some may think it’s disrespectful to your alcohol to shame it with water but trust me, your temples will thank you. Eat before you began to drink and make sure to do so again while drinking. It’s possible to have that nice tipsy for the extra fun but don’t over do it and hate life the following day. No one wants to start a new year feeling like complete shit. Make sure when you wake up in the new year, you eat a wholesome breakfast or brunch.

You don’t have to break the bank to have an awesome time. Co-host a party with a bunch of friends and skip the bar. Serve spiked holiday punch and split the expenses with your friends. If you’re planning a dinner or brunch, make it a potluck. Have friends bring dishes and make it a affordable night (or day) in. If you DO plan  on hitting the town, split all expenses. Whether it be cab fare, buying drinks for one another, hotel stays, whatever it may be. Always look for ways to split costs and not over do it. Remember, the point is to have fun but you don’t want to not afford life for the next month because you didn’t have fun responsibly.



Set some goals! I have taken on the habit of making goals instead of resolutions. Goals in my opinion are more doable than just saying “This is my New Year’s resolution”. I also noticed that when I set a ‘goal’ it seems more official and can be broken down into parts where a resolution is more like wishful thinking. When making your goals for the new year, make sure to not have repeats from the year before. Think about it. If you’re adding the same goal or resolution, it means that it didn’t work the year before so you need to change up the game plan a bit. Make it something that you know you will achieve, make you a happier person, and improve your life. I will be sharing my goals for the next year in a post in the very near future (within the few days). 

❤ Make a playlist. Prepare a playlist to listen to as you bring in the New Year. I make some sort of mix every year to start my new year off with some good music. Dance in the new year! It’s so simple and a great way to set the mood for the year to come.


I hope these tips will help keep you organized and get you in the celebration spirit. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? OMG! What are you going to wear?

Always rockin’ the party that rocks the body,

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P.S. Here are some printable New Year’s Eve party hats for your domepiece! You’re welcome.




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2 Responses to “How to prepare and party for New Year’s Eve Crazyness!”

  1. Oh how I love your tips!! You are so wise… for reals. I’ve been in that “staying in eating cookies” routine for the past couple years, and we are definitely NOT doing that this year! I hope to get my dance on – I forget how good it feels to dance without a care in the world! You reminded me of how many goals I have for the new year, so many slumps I’ve been in that I need to pull myself out of… something about a brand new year really puts things into perspective and brings hope for change. Thank you for sharing such thoughtful content, and thank you for being such an amazing top sponsor this month – I’m so grateful to have met you this year! You’re simply fabulous! xo

  2. Rima @ Bolu says:

    you are right gurl…. EAT BEFORE BOOZIN’! That throbbing headache will be gone!

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