How to not get a hangover.


Was there a huge snow storm, a party, a Saturday night, or random act of fun that took place and you seem to have woken up the following day feeling like total shit? Well then congrats, you have properly achieved getting a hangover.

I used to be very familiar with that oh so terrible feeling after a night out with friends. I was known for saying things like “I am never drinking again!” to “Why is this happening to me?” to “What the hell did I eat?!” Heavy drinking definitely isn’t the wisest of choices a person can make but, it is easy to be out and about, feeling good and having one to many screwdrivers.

My last hangover which took place close over a year ago, I woke up groggy and feeling the typical dread that one usually feels after a night of boozing. As I closed my blinds and hid in my down comforter I thought to myself, “I really do love drinking but this feeling is a huge red flag that my body shouldn’t be going through this”. I mean really, why are we purposely doing something that we know is only causing harm to are ever so wonderful bodies?

Being that I love the taste of alcohol, I put on my nerd face, picked up my macbook and started looking into what is really happening to my body during a hangover. Aside from being dehydrated, you get physically sick, it messes with your ability to sleep throughout the evening, it brings unnecessary stress to your body, it can screw with your allergies and weakens your immune system, and it can alter your ability to concentrate. All of these things can damage your body short and/or long term, depending on how often and how much you drink.

I also did research on the benefits of alcohol because it can’t be all bad, right? RIGHT! In moderation, alcohol can help with heart disease, actually make your brain a bit sharper, even freshen bad breath. If you don’t go crazy overboard, alcohol can actually be in harmony with your body chemistry and all will be swell.


After doing my studious research, I decided that I will NEVER have another hangover again. I went out of my way to figure out the perfect storm of taking care of myself to prevent the dreaded beast. Here are my personal tips and tricks on how to never have a hangover:

Duh, water! I mean, this should go without saying at this point. I am rather sure this is my number one secret to most healthy living experiments I have done on myself. Not only should you be drinking H2O in between your adult beverages, but you should be drinking tons of water period. If you’re naturally hydrated, it would make it more difficult to be dehydrated while drinking alcohol. Lately, i’ve been trying the half my body weight in ounces rule. It’s hard to get that much water in daily, but I am definitely noticing the benefits.

Be a good human and take your vitamins! I try to take my vitamins right before I actually start drinking. Too much alcohol can actually drain your body of vitamin C and B. If you don’t have vitamins available but access to a convenience store, you can just purchase Emergen-C. One packet of Emergen-C has all of the essential vitamins for building back nutrients that were flushed from your system.

Don’t be shy about food while drinking. Make sure you’re eating while you are drinking. Carbs (for once) will be your friend! Anything to soak up some of the alcohol you’re consuming. If possible, one of my personal favorites is toast with honey. Honey is known to assist break down alcohol.

Know your limit and actually stick to it! You don’t have to be trashed to enjoy drinking. Learn yourself and when exactly you’ve had enough. It is seriously as simple as that.

Pick your poison. Stick to one drink instead of mixing and matching what you’re drinking. When drinking, variety isn’t the spice of life. You will only be making your own internal cocktail called a hangover.

Hopefully these tips will be heavily in your brain the next time you decide to go out and booze it up. “Drink responsibly” not only means to be mindful of others but to be mindful of your body and your health. A hangover is a big, awful, uncomfortable, unflattering sign from your body. It’s letting you know that you’ve fucked up. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it!

Proudly hangover free,
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