How to impress a geeky guy.


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Have you ever walked into a comic book shop and the hottest guy ever is standing before you? Or been at your local bar arcade and wanted to play Pacman with the dreamboat occupying the machine? Are you worried that your geek knowledge isn’t up to date enough for the stud at your local library looking at Star Wars books? If you’ve ever been too afraid to approach the geeky boy you’ve been digging then fear not. We have to remember, that hot geeky boys are people too. He is more than likely just as terrified of approaching you as you are him. Get in front of his wall of geek-dom and he more than likely will appreciate you for it. This how to guide might not get him to put a ring on it right away, but it is a great start in getting him to open up.

Tell him you love his Yoda teeshirt. Small talk can be some of the best talk. Walk up to him and pay him a compliment. If you’re into the geeky type, you know he typically might shy away and not talk as much at first. Give it a few minutes, he will warm up to you. The more your geeky boy opens up, he will not shut up.

Digital, digital get down! If the conversation is great and you want to continue it later, ask him if you can find him on Facebook or Twitter. Geeky boys tend to enjoy the internet. It will be a fantastic way to pick up the conversation with your geek-bro. Geek boys tend to not be the type to want to chat on the phone so he will definitely appreciate you wanting to talk digitally.

Bake him a cake just as fast as you can. Once you moved on to actually hanging out with your geeky boy for a second time, bake him something. Cupcakes, cookies, cake, whatever! Everyone knows a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Put on an apron and get out the sprinkles!

Go go gadget! Talk about your latest new gadget but, only if you are very knowledgeable of it. Show him you know your stuff and how to operate your latest tablet or computer. He will most definitely be impressed.

Oh my! What a big brain you have! Geeky boys love praise. Tell him how he is the geekiest in all the land. Let him know that there is no one out there smarter than him. Trust me, it works. I am pretty shit at math so I let my geek solve my math equations. He is not only helping you with his giant brain, but in his mind he instantly became a superhero.

Let your geek flag fly. The best part about being into a geeky boy is you can openly be your geeky self. If you geek out from time to time, it’s a-okay to unleash that with your new geeky man friend. He will think it’s sexy even if he isn’t into it because he understands.

Make it a blockbuster night. Watch geeky and awesome films with your geeky boy. You can say something like “Let’s do a Transformers marathon and cry every time someone hurts Bumblebee.” Eat some cookie dough and get your movie on.


I hope these tips and tricks are helpful. Go after the geeky boy of your choice! Try not to over do them because then it just comes off as fake…and possibly creepy. Don’t be a creeper!

Good luck on your geek quest,

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7 Responses to “How to impress a geeky guy.”

  1. Craig says:

    We like women who have a strong sense of self worth, understand the subtlety between nerd as a social standard and nerdiness as it applies to everyday life, which can be extremely hard to pin down.
    We like women who are intelligent , which doesn’t mean being able to regurgitate facts or quote some authors, it means being able to grasp the nuances in a conversation and see both the profundity and irony in any given subject. We don’t need you to look a certain way or even watch a certain type of media or listen to a certain type of music. I’ve found it very interesting to meet geeks and nerds of all different shapes and sizes. A little shame or shyness is okay, so long as it doesn’t enter into the realm of self pity , nothing is less attractive than someone who doesn’t like themselves. Only desperate and predatory guys will find this attractive. The list goes on.

    I consider myself quite nerdy , of course I’ve never really dated a “nerdy” girl. Most people if you get to know them have some strong nerdy tendencies, whether it is how they arrange their clothes in the closet or what sort of movies they like to watch. It is the details that make people interesting and wearing your heart on your sleeve about the things that really make you happy will usually be attractive to other people.

    I happen to like women who are strong, healthy, sharp witted and that like family and themselves, everything else is just a bonus.

    PS: Even if you aren’t sexy by some standard, just try to hold yourself in a way that feels sexy to you. If you can show a man that when he is around, you feel good, then he will be happy to be around you.

  2. Annika says:

    This is really something!

  3. Paige Z says:

    This is fabulous.
    I am the proud partner of a wicked cool (but rather shy) geek. One thing I have noticed is that to open valuable mind space, he has majorly routinized his life. Unfortunately, that means it’s sometimes hard to get him to veer from the routine. Sometimes I have to stretch my mind a little to find special activities that will satisfy both of us.
    For this, geeky movie marathons are KEY.
    Recently we spent a week watching Star Wars. To make it maximum fun for both of us, I played a drinking game and he invented rules for the drinking game (while simultaneously playing video games, of course ;). He was able to exercise his funny muscles (drink every time you see Anakin’s bronytail) and I was able to exercise my mixology skills and lubricate my extrovert with sweet sweet boozeliquor.
    Everyone wins!

  4. Sarenavamp says:

    Try being yourself, plus you never know, you could be a nerd at heart and thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. A guy who thinks of you like this would tell you every day, though he is shy. They seem to not really know what they want. So to you all who take the time to read this message, just be yourself and just let your inner nerd or geek out!

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