How to have healthy nails.


When I was a teenager, I remember the first time I went to a nail salon and had the sweet Korean woman working put Acrylic on my real nails. After they were done, I thought “Wow, I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever break a nail.” They were very thick and helped my nails ‘grow’ and I thought I could never go back to not having acrylic on my nails.

Over the years, I had an on again, off again love affair with getting acrylic put over my nails. The issue I personally would run into would be that your nails are in a HORRIBLE state once you soak off the acrylic but you end up missing the carefree feeling of not worrying about chipping your nail polish or breaking a nail.

People that know me well know I LOVE crazy nail art, and my love has only grown more insane over the last two years or so. Every time I go to my artist, he mentions that my nails are wonderful without the acrylic but I fell into this belief that my nails would never last without acrylic.

One of the many things I am working towards for life is to be superhero healthy. I want to be quick like a ninja and glamours like Rupaul. Part of being superhero healthy would include nail health. I decided to do some research on what I was really doing to my nails by putting these very heavy chemicals on my nails.

Aside from your nails being paper thin due to the process in which you have to put acrylic on your nails, over the years the acrylic can cause discoloration. A more serious and apparently common (thank God it never happened to me) issue is nail infections. This is caused by the acrylic spacing from your nail and moisture getting in to the opening. This causes fungus development. Now, in my research I found some pretty awful photos of this happening and I will spare you. If you’re interested google image your heart out. I have no interest of having any reason to have fungus easily develop on my body.

That can ALL be prevented if you go to proper nail salon but realistically, I want to focus more on getting my nails naturally healthy. After reading about the types of infections it can cause and all of the nail filing and drilling, I am ready to have strong and healthy nails without some hard compound being put onto them.

So this how to guide is going to be for those ladies out there still putting acrylic on their nails. Stop that. I know they last forever and the polish never chips away but it’s definitely not worth it. I will be looking up different ways to naturally regain nail strength and also post more photos of fun nail art that takes place on my nails.

Here are some photos of my favorite nail art that i’ve had done on my nails…

Sprinklesandbooze nails1


Sprinklesandbooze nails2


Sprinklesandbooze nails3


Sprinklesandbooze nails4

Man, I just got jealous looking at photos of my own nails. I will post any super awesome art that takes place on my nails WITHOUT the acrylic. Here is the current state of my nails without the acrylic and I love them…

Sprinklesandbooze nails5


Since I am learning how to properly care for my nails, do you have any tips? I have been reading up on nail care seriously for about a week and I think I am going nuts. What are some easy ways to make my nails stronger and healthy?


Still gushing over my nail art from the past,

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.05.55 PM

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6 Responses to “How to have healthy nails.”

  1. As I’ve spent my life working in perfumery, I’ve never really done the manicure thing (alcohol in perfume dissolves varnish). I had to go to a posh dinner a couple of years ago and went to a salon for acrylics. I’m so glad the manicurist talked me out of it and recommended bio sculpture instead. Really helps strengthen your own nails and I can make it last for 3 weeks with no chips (providing I wear gloves in lab) I go to So Fabulous in London Kings Cross who are brilliant. Totally recommend.
    Karen x

    • I will have to look into that. I never heard of boi sculpture. See, I knew you guys would know what helps!

      Right now I have gel color over my nails because it doesn’t chip but I am going to have to figure out what I need to be doing to get my nails strong and healthy.

      Thank you so much for telling me about this.

  2. Dayna says:

    I’m actually going through a similar struggle right now (although I’ve only gotten acrylic manicures once or twice)… I want healthy, long and beautiful nails… and all I have a weak stubs!

    I’ve started using a vitamin-enriched, clear bottom coat on my nails under my nail polish, and I’ve begun taking pre-natal vitamins (which are supposed to help strengthen and grow nails and hair.) Hopefully I’ll see some sort of results soon!

    Your nails look gorgeous… I LOVE the superhero manicure, especially the Batman nail! 😉

  3. The superhero mani was probably my favorite ever!

    Yeah, someone else told me to take pre-natal vitamins but I felt weird doing it. HAHA! I might start because so many people have recommended it.

    How long have you been taking them and doing the clear bottom coat that is vitamin enriched?

    Also, thank you for saying my nails are gorgeous. They are so weak. HAHA!

    • Dayna says:

      It felt so weird to start taking the pre-natals… my boyfriend was totally freaked out when he saw the bottle! My best friend is a nurse, and she said they are perfectly fine (and super healthy) for non-pregnant ladies to take!

      I’ve been using the bottom coat for about a month, and I only just started the vitamins a week ago!

  4. Femke says:

    Such a great post, darling! I really enjoyed reading this one!
    What I’ve been wondering… you know the new ‘gel’ nailpolishes they use in salons? You think they’re as bad or not? They stay about 2 weeks on your nails, but I think they might have the same effect?
    Anyhow, I don’t have the patience to put nail polish on all the time, since I seem to ruin it each and every time! 😉 ARGHHHHHH! So, all tips and tricks are more than welcome! Can’t wait to read more about this on your blog! xxx

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