How to handle “catty” women.


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Ladies, we have to deal with a lot. We deal with grueling beauty regimens. We sometimes work harder than men for less pay. For some of us, having an orgasm requires a magician. We have to bleed every month only to someday carry a tiny human inside of us for nine months. It’s a rough life, but someone’s got to do it, right? With all of this said, why is it that sometimes our worse enemies are those of our own gender?

If you’ve seen the film Mean Girls, I am sure you loved it but also had situations in your life where you can totally relate. No matter what your age, it’s possible to run into a scary and vindictive monster of a female. This behavior can sometimes make life very difficult and cause tons of hurt feelings. The whole mean girl complex totally bothers me because it’s all about sisterhood and uniting. Being that I have had some run ins with some not so nice ladies over the years, I thought I would make this how to guide on how to handle catty women.


Retract your claws! When these evil ladies are giving you dirty looks, whispering about you to their friends, and being down right awful don’t feed into it. Retract your claws and end the cycle of terrible. If someone is being a jerk towards you they are wanting you to react so why give them what they want? Don’t let the terrorists win!

Kill your “enemy” with kindness. This is one of my personal favorites. Nothing bothers a mean person more than if you’re nice to them. In my brain, it’s a form of forgiveness but in their mind they have little incentive to continue being an awful person towards you. The catty girl of your nightmares might just move on to her next victim. In her eyes you just turned into Mother Theresa and you are useless to her. 

❤  Call ’em like you see ’em! I’m definitely not saying go about being rude and bitchy towards the wrong doer. I am saying there might be times when you can actually talk out the situation. Let the person know how they are making you feel like shit. This is usually a great approach to take if being nice hasn’t worked out in your benefit. Keep down the path of being a positive and brave little toaster and let her know that she is being a total out of control evil being. Let her know that you have feelings and you don’t think the way she is treating you is a proper way to go about things. Be the bigger person if you are being bullied. 




The end is near! The end to girl on girl crime. We can stand together and decide now to not prolong catty behavior. We can beat this once and for all by taking the higher road.

Another great way to end the catty vicious cycle is by not avoiding making friends with a female because of past experiences. Not all women are competitive, or out to get you, or evil. The more you hold on to the idea that most women are catty, the more you will become catty.


Nothing but love for my lovely ladies!

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2 Responses to “How to handle “catty” women.”

  1. Caroline says:

    I LOVE this Latanya! Your advice totally reminds me of how Jennifer Aniston reacted to Perez Hilton’s repeated horrible comments about her [ok, I know he’s not a girl, but he’s definitely catty!]:
    Often people are awful because no one has the gumption to call them out on their behavior. love right back at you, lovely lady!! xxx

    • YES! It’s typically the best way to go about things. I’ve had people contact me about this post already and say they do things like “annoy the catty girl” and so forth but I feel like that is only continuing the behavior. Thank you for sharing this with me.

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