How to cure boredom…forever!

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I am definitely not one to ever really feel bored. The other day, I was asked what do I do to prevent boredom. When I really took a minute to think about it, I realized I am interested in so many things which in turns gives me a lot to do. Whether it is productive or not, I am a active bunny.

We have the ability to create “busy” work from all over the place. We create our own projects based on our wants, our needs, and what we think we should be working towards. Once I realized what my purpose is and how I want to live my life, I became somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of work it would take to get to where I wish to be. The fun part is actually taking the steps. These steps are what keep me busy and motivated.

Once I started really thinking of all of the ways I occupy myself, I decided to make a list and share it with your lovely people. I hope this list cures your bordem for life and you end up being a crime fighter. LET’S GO!

Let’s go crazy! Prince said it best. Sometimes you have to go completely nuts. Have your own personal dance party while singing as loud as you can. Before you know it, you will realize that you’re having a grand ol’ time, even if it’s by yourself. Tip: The more bass involved in the song the more fun you will probably have.

Gmail would like a little attention. My e-mail account gets a little crazy from time to time. If I have downtime I make the most of it by responding to e-mails and organizing my inbox. It will save you so much time in the long run and you will have that ever so awesome feeling of being productive.

Don’t call me a hippy! Meditation is so fantastic. It is something I feel that most should make a habit.  If you seem to have a shit ton of stress in your life, it wouldn’t hurt to get your brain right. Meditation can bring focus back to the present and calm you down.

Budget yourself before you wreck yourself. Work on your personal finances. It will put you ahead of the game and your wallet will be happy. Who knows, working on your finances when you’re “bored” might be something you learn to love. It could also make you a rich person. Before you know it, you will be  diving into your money like Scrooge McDuck.

Being clean is a good look. Try cleaning something. Unless you’re insanely OCD, there will have something to tidy up. I am always picking up something or folding laundry in between my daily tasks. It’s the only way it would get done otherwise. Make it a fun event. Put on your favorite band and dance around while dusting. Your place will be more than half way clean by the end of the album.

Film it up. Watch a movie at home or go to the cinema. I mean, this should come pretty easy. A good film is always entertaining and it can be as easy as firing up your Netflix account. Films were put on earth for us to enjoy them, use them when necessary.

Amour letter amour. Actually, WRITE a letter of love. How often do we actually sit down and write these days. I try to make it a habit to write daily but in the days of computers, iPhones and tablets, we hardly even know what our handwriting looks like. Write a letter to tell someone how much you love them and actually write it. The person who you’re writing this letter for will love it and feel special. It will also cure you of having the “I have nothing to do” blues.

Nap time is for champions. I think one of my favorite words is probably “nap”. Try resting for a little while because you can never be too well rested. If you’re able to nap somewhere amazing like in a tree hammock, even better. You can’t be bored while you’re dreaming.

The neverending story. Write your story. Even if it’s fictional. Start writing a book for the fun of it. It will be a fun little side project and will be something you can go back to for months and who knows, you might write the next big book series.

How novel of you. Always have a book (or tablet) on person. Having your iPad or an actual book is a easy way to assure you will never be bored. Same goes for magazines and comic books. In your down time, catch up on some reading. Don’t forget that reading IS fundamental after all.

Work it! Sometimes all you need is a little fitness to get you out of the “I have nothing to do” state of mind. Take a new fitness classes, go for a walk, hit the gym, whatever you need to do to feel like you’re accomplishing something and you will be healthier. Tone the butt!

Edumacation! With the magic of the internet, you can improve your knowledge with a few google searches and some free online workshops. Think of something you’ve always wanted to know more about and start to explore.


There are ENDLESS ways you can cure bordem and better yourself at the same time. I hope that some of these tips will jump start new adventures and a better you. You’re already stunning darling, sometimes you just need to throw some glitter on things to fab it up a bit.

Stay sexy Gotham!

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