How to be the ‘Cool Cat’ with a capital AWESOME at the Party.


It’s Tuesday and you know what that means! Well, you probably don’t because this is the first I have done a post like this.  On Tuesdays, I will be having How To posts. They will consist of blogs and sometimes Vlogs on how to do something in a fun, festive and sometimes crazy way. I hope that you find them helpful and use some of my advice in your life. Keep it classy guys!

How To Tuesday is brought to you by the letter A for Awkward! Have you ever gone to a party alone? Or even gone with someone else but you both didn’t know anyone else and only talked to one another? Did you just want to run away screaming due to all of the awkward conversations and the amount of drinks you needed to drink to feel comfortable? Here is a quick how to guide on how to be the ‘Cool Cat’ with a capital AWESOME at the Party!

1. Wear something that makes you feel the most confident. For ladies, it can be that top that makes your boobs look fantastic and for guys it could be your best dude jeans. Whatever makes you feel the hottest is what you should have on your person. Make sure to NOT over do it. Dress with taste but also with nonchalance.

2. Ask questions! When speaking with someone show that you actually give a fuck about making friends. But not too many questions, don’t turn the situation into an interview.

3. Answer people’s questions with more than one word answers. Smile and laugh and be merry! Be sure to talk about what makes you different and interesting.  Turn the charm all the way up.

4. Move from conversation to conversation. Don’t stay in one conversation too long because then it just seems like you’re terrified of talking to other people. Be comfortable with everyone because everyone is more than likely just as awkward as you at first.

5. Pick a ‘theme song’ and listen to it before you go to the party and have it playing the the back of your mind for most of the evening.. This sounds nuts but it works. I have a personal theme that I use for most occasions which is…


I Like That – Richard Vission from Johana Ortiz on Vimeo.

6. Don’t get shit faced! It will only lead to bad things and possible pregnancy. You can definitely drink for the liquid courage we all love, but don’t make it a matter of being so drunk that you’re running around someone’s apartment in a Batman costume. Actually, that sounds amazing be that guy that is running around the party in a Batman costume but do it mostly sober.

7. Bring a bottle of booze or cupcakes. Everyone will always love the person that brings an adult beverage or adorable pieces of sugar heaven to the party.

8. Stop comparing yourself to the other ‘cool cats‘ at the party. When you compare it brings your confidence down. Just be you. If you want to be the guy that shows up with a top hat on and hot pink pants, do it! Be the best you and the truest you.

9. I suck at this myself but try to remember names. People love it when you remember their names. I know that when someone remember my name I want to send them a Thank You card in the mail.

10. Compliment your ass off. You like that girl’s shoes, tell her! Everyone loves when you point out their awesome and in turn will point out your awesome.

11. If you’re single, a little harmless flirting won’t kill anything. In this situation, eye contact is key. Just don’t be a creeper. Just charm people socks off which could lead to charming more than just the socks off.  Actually, you determine on how much you’re trying to get off. Make sure to wrap it up!

12. If you enjoy dancing, don’t dance like a complete whore. Keep it friendly. Find that happy medium between dancing alone in your bedroom and stripper? Just practice your dancing before arriving. If you don’t like to dance, get really good at the proper party head bop and occasional shoulder shimmies.

13. Arrive fashionably late and don’t be the last to leave. Everyone knows that the cool cats at the party always show up late but fabulous and leave before the party is over because they are that desired.

14. Don’t fuck it up!

Now, this guide is made for quite the extrovert because I am quite loud and flamboyant but you can still be the cool cat at the party and not say much. Go in a really cool outfit. If you have a really cool job, just tell people what you do for a living. There is also always the booze and cupcakes idea! You wouldn’t have to say much just show up with delicious stuff and people will love the fuck out of you. There is also the saying “Fake it until you make it”. If you want to be more extroverted give it a go even if you know you’re freaking out on the inside. Fake that confidence until it becomes who you know you are on the inside.

If you’re going to use some advice from my guide, make sure to be real about it. Nothing looks worse than the guy or gal that is trying way to hard. You instantly will become the person at the party that is ‘trying to be cool’ and people avoid that person like the plague. Don’t be the plague. Please and Thank You!

Always partying like it’s December 20th 2012,

Latanya Rene

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3 Responses to “How to be the ‘Cool Cat’ with a capital AWESOME at the Party.”

  1. Chelle says:

    cupcakes please! you made me laugh. and may i add….actually LISTEN to what the other person has to say when asking questions. nothing is worse than being asked something, answering it and having the person not be bothered listening to the answer. it makes one not a cool cat, but a lame ferret.

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