How to be happy during sad times.


When bad things in the world happen, sometimes it very difficult to accept or understand why. At some point in our lives we will face times that are extra stressful, completely out of our control, or sad and very hard to shake. With the awful events that take place in the world, we need to develop a way to heal ourselves and in turn help heal the world around us. This isn’t easy to do all of the time. You need to give yourself that time to be sad in order to heal and take what positive you can from the negative.  Here is my how to guide on how to find happy in times that are dark and out of our control. This guide will hopefully help you and in turn help the world overall be a happier place.

Talk to someone! Whether it be a friend, therapist, stranger, relatives, whomever! If you need to talk and just voice, your sadness or just to take your mind off of the negative then do so. There is something powerful about being able to speak to someone and share your thoughts with no judgement. 

Paint rainbows. Draw pictures, paint pretty pictures, color in a coloring book. Creating is a wonderful way to vent out your emotions. You don’t have to be a professional artist to do this, it’s just a brilliant way to get out the negative that might be building up inside of yourself. 

Be okay with what you’re feeling. You need to hurt to get to the good. As hard as things may be, you need these feelings to happen to realize what you have. The more you have this idea in your mind, the more positive light you can share with the world.

❤ Don’t get overwhelmed by the negative. The deeper the depression gets, the more negative will follow. If you allow these negative feelings to completely take over it will only add to the negative in the world.

Be a Care Bear! You read, right. Be a Care Bear! Dig deep down inside and find the positive that is naturally inside of all of us and share that with the world. Care Bear stare the crap out of everyone around you (you will figure out how, it’s science). The more you radiant positive the more positive will happen for you and the world around you. 

Make sure you are doing something daily to make each day count. No matter how small or big, make sure you are doing something meaningful in your life. Love, learn, laugh, teach, explore, whatever! Time to make it work.

It’s time to sweat. Do something physical. Go for a walk, dance in your undies, jump on your bed. Being physical releases chemicals in your brain that makes you happier.

Make a list! Not just any list. Make a list of all of your blessings and great things in your life. Remind yourself of how amazing your life truly is and how grateful you are for the things that you have in your life currently. 

Look up funny GIFs on the internet. Here is a perfect example


Everyone is different but there are great things you can do for yourself to guide you through your emotions and help you feel better in a situation where you have no control over what is going on. It is so important for all of us NOW more than ever to find ways to help spread love and joy. Within ourselves and for one another.

How do you find happiness in dark times? What are some of your tricks to the magic that is happiness?

Smiling because I adore all of you,

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7 Responses to “How to be happy during sad times.”

  1. Michelle says:

    There are two thing that I use to find happiness during a dark time: humor and dance. As a breast cancer survivor, staying positive is a key component to my battle. Any chance I get I try to find something that can make me laugh, even if it is just for a moment out of my day. It helps to remind me that it isn’t all bad out there in the world, which is hard to believe now and days.

    I also will dance. It is the greatest feeling to be able to release my emotions through the movement of my body to music. Even if I am dancing to something somber and dark, the release it gives me helps to free me of the sadness I’m feeling inside. If I dance to something happy and energetic, it helps me to cope and helps me to be in a more positive mood.

    Smiling because I adore you back,
    Michelle Abbruzzese

  2. Tommy says:

    In the darkest of times I simply ask myself what would the person(s) I lost want and/or how best to respond to their memory. Even when we don’t know them, losing people in the community creates a vacancy that’s palpable in the air.
    Living life in a dark place is something any caring individual would want us to escape. Life does go on and the best way to remind ourselves the world is a beautiful place is by getting out and showing the world you can and will get back up again.

  3. Amy S. says:

    Thank you! I really needed this post, it is good to remember that everyone has to face tough times, sometimes when you re going through them it can seem like you are the only person who has been through something bad. I’m a new follower from KV’s Confessions. I am really enjoying your blog. — Amy

  4. Nikki says:

    Great blog post thanks for posting

  5. Jenny says:

    I needed this today!! thank you! *CAREBEAR STARRREEEEEEE*

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