Have I gone mad?


Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamt big. Most children around me wanted to grow up and be a doctor or a teacher. I aimed high and told my mom I was going to grow up to be Michael Jackson. Apparently I was a very logical and awesome child.

From a VERY early age, I would put on fake concerts for my family. I would lip sync for my life to the King of Pop, Paula Abdul, Prince, Diana Ross, and the Cure. Obviously, I was rather into all types of music and styles which in my opinion made me a kick ass child. One day, my mom hinted at the fact that my performances were lacking in the wardrobe department. My sister was a 80s club kid, so I destroyed her entire closet throwing on anything fun and ‘star’ worthy. The ‘costumes’ made it official, I knew I was suppose to grow up and be a star!

From the series of ‘tours’ that I would put on for  my ever so sweet and patient family, I decided I needed to branch out my stardom by starting my own stationary design company at the age of 7. I would make handmade greeting cards and gift tags that I would sell to my aunts and uncles around the holidays. That’s right folks, I was a little entrepreneur and I didn’t even know it. This ‘company’ went on for year until I out grew it. I was’too cool’ in middle school to do such ‘childish’ things. Man, little did I know that in my 20s, all I would want to do is create things.

For years during my busy schedule of concerts for the masses and making adorable stationary, I also had a secret obsession with fashion magazines/catalogs. I guess it wasn’t secret, but it was definitely involved. I would spend hours looking at catalogs and magazines and cutting out all of my favorite looks and saving them. I would always say “When I grow up, i’m going to dress exactly like this!” I wish I saved some of those cut outs because I am sure some of those outfits were probably super 80s and fantastic.

Looking back at these memories, I realize that they shaped the person I am in a lot of ways but at the same time, I lost myself. Everyone loses themselves a little from years of fear and rejections. When you dream big, you’re often told you can’t do something or your dreams are unrealistic. After a while, you start to believe it to be true and attempt at the more ‘realistic’ goals. Who is to say what is realistic and what isn’t? If you feel it within yourself, your goal is your reality.

This blog/site has been one of my dreams for most of my adulthood and for the first time in my life, I have been put in a perfect storm to move forward with this goal. Don’t get me wrong, I should have started this venture ages ago. I have mentioned I misplaced that little girl that wanted to grow up and be Michael Jackson. All because of fear, being told it is silly, and loads of self doubt. Recently, something has flipped inside of me and I’ve gone completely mad. Mad in the best way possible.

Along with the venture of Sprinkles and Booze, I have a few other goals lined up that seem to be my calling. I’ve always wanted to be a performer/personality and will be taking major steps towards making this a reality. I will be vogue-ing all over the place and pursuing a career in full figure modeling. On top of continuing to branch out in the creative world that I’ve been a part of for years (design, photography, and other art craziness). It might seem like a whole lot but trust me, it all melts right into one another. Yes, it’s mad, and that’s what makes it lovely.

So far, I’ve had the most unrealistic, stunning, loving, support I have ever received in my whole life. I thank ALL of you for taking part in this journey with me. It’s going to be a brilliant and vibrant ride and I look forward to growing and hopefully helping others with my journey. Thank you for all of the support and stay tuned because there is a lot of fun (and more than likely awkward) times to come.

What did you want to be when you were a baby bunny? Are you living your dreams or are you lost?

Love you forever bunnies,

Latanya Rene



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5 Responses to “Have I gone mad?”

  1. Chelle says:

    brilliant post! sadly, fear and conventional expectations holds so many back from being their true and authentic self. that moment in childhood where we are allowed to be free, real and live in a truth is so important to growth of the spirit. that moment we can meet again when we shed away the BS that bogs us down and realize what is important to nurture out souls. as you know, i’m on my own journey, and i thank you for being a part of this amazing adventure.

    • Girl, I adore the shit out of you. <3 You are a huge part of my personal growth and I more thank you for all of your support. You've been nothing but genuine and real. I love you with all of the gummy bears and then some in the world.

  2. Chelle says:

    awww tosses tinsel! thank you luv.

  3. Femke says:

    I believe in you! You can do it! x

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