Happy 100th Post!


In my personal life, this post could not have come at a better time. It’s crazy to think I am already 100 posts into Sprinkles and Booze AND my six month blog anniversary is next month. Where does the time go?

I used the series of photos posted above because they are pictures of me and my most natural of states. It’s for the most part what i’ve looked like for the past two days. Sexy, huh? I have been a complete bundle of lack of motivation and not knowing where to start on projects. Motivation is a tricky beast and it goes and comes as it pleases.

To kick start my motivation, I figured it would be best to mentally explore the tips and tricks that I like to use in order to kick start my motivation for the action packed weekend I have ahead of me. The secret to most of my motivation is I always do what I love. It’s almost impossible not to be motivated when you’re doing something you’re passionate about. I am passionate about helping others, creating, and looking for beauty in the world around me. As soon as I decided this was going to be the topic of my post today, ideas and inspiration started to flow. It’s the natural flow of the universe. Think about it. If you’re struggling with something that you’re doing, it might be a sign that you’re not meant to be doing it. You have to listen to your gut! It’s something I had to learn for myself after years of wasting time doing things I didn’t love.

So, I mentioned there was a lack of motivation the last couple of days, right? Even if I am doing something I am passionate about, it is VERY possible to hit a little plateau and feel like it’s difficult to get your groove back. We all have these moments. These are the moments when we sit around and watch endless amount of Netflix and eat everything in your home involving sugar and feel sorry for yourself. Well ladies and gentlemen, we all need to learn to not give in to these moments. If I learned anything from the last couple of days, it’s that giving in to being unmotivated only makes matters worse. Being unmotivated is exactly the reason why I am writing this post. I am doing something about it and getting motivated and already feel better.

I am sure this wouldn’t surprise a lot of you, but when I have these moments I refer to it as “Making an appointment with my motivational speaking unicorn”. It’s when you snap out of it and realize there is work to be done and you do it. We tend to get side tracked by the influence of others or sometimes it’s just simple laziness. Whatever got you to that point of, “I don’t want to” can easily be fixed once you realize, “I am wasting time and there is life to live”.

Which brings me to the moral of the story…get started. Even if it’s something small like writing out your thoughts or working on something for a few minutes a day. It makes the biggest difference. I’m super jazzed that this is my 100th post. It shows the fruits of my labor and so many more great things are cookin’ up! Be sure to stay tuned, beautiful bunnies. Thank you for being a part of my little piece of the internet.

What do you like to do when you’re unmotivated? Do you have a secret magical motivational speaking unicorn in your closet?

Stay sexy, Gotham!


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8 Responses to “Happy 100th Post!”

  1. Bonnie says:

    You are so right! Looks like I need to get off the lazy train and get MOTIVATED! Doing something you love is the key! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chris says:

    Whoah! Awesome morning hair! lol

  3. MJ Valentine says:

    I am struggling hard with motivation this week! I haven’t written anything in days and I’m starting to feel… yucky. I think I need to go and invest in a notebook- all my good ideas seem to come when I am in no position to sit down at a computer and write!

    • YES! You need to carry around a notebook with you. Seriously. I have a tiny notebook with a dog on it dressed up like Michael Jackson and it’s full of notes and randomness. It’s such a life saver. Also, if you have a “notes” app on your phone of any sort, that helps out a lot too.

      Motivation will come but you have to actively work hard and not doing anything at all. Even if you’re unmotivated, do something else productive towards a different goal. This also helps get the ball rolling in other parts of your life.

  4. El Michelle says:

    Ugh Latonya I feeeeel like this!! I’m still motivated just being tormented by a bitchy piece of writers block! Grrrr!!! BUT! I stumbled upon Sprinkles and Booze! Thank you LinkdIn =) Happy I found you!! Happy 100th (even though I’m late) and thanks for the motivation!

    • Thank you for finding me. I am in a weird growing stage of things in my life. It’s sort of that point where I need to figure out what my life is going to consist of. It’s a beautiful yet terrifying stage but I am excited to take it on…head first.

      Stay completely brilliant and stunning.

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