From Bikes to Boobs.


Hey party monsters!

I’m sure by now we are all familiar with the song of the summer “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. It’s infectious, dance-worthy and has a rather controversial NSFW video. In my opinion, the song is all the makings of a proper party starter. I dig it. What a lot of folks don’t know or remember is where this smooth and charming R&B singer first began.

To this day, one of the most brilliant R&B albums to have happened in my life is Thicke’s “A Beautiful World” album. The album is full of catchy songs and had a debut single/video of Thicke pretending to be a bike messenger and riding through the streets of Manhattan. He had a sweet Jesus mane and was dancing about all over the place. This was the Thicke I had grown to know and fall in love with.

Now, let’s fast forward 10 years into the future and he is still full of soul and talent. His 6th studio album “Blurred Lines” dropped on July 30th. Thicke is getting all of the attention he deserves for being sexy, smooth, and wonderful. This man literally went from bikes to bare boobs being featured in his videos. I am a “Thicke” hipster but I can’t help but shake my bum every time “Blurred Lines” is played anywhere. Well played, Robin, well played!


Have you listened to all of “Blurred Lines” yet? What do you think? Has it been the soundtrack to your summer parties? If not, there is still some summer left. Make it work!

Stay sexy Gotham!

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3 Responses to “From Bikes to Boobs.”

  1. Jenny says:

    HEY HEY HEY!!! HEY HEY HEY!! LOL everytime I hear that come on, i instantly start big girl twerking. My fiancee hates the song, loves the twerking. Quite the conundrum for him , no? LOL He is pretty awesome with that Jesus mane! LOL ( that should be on a Tshirt, somewhere. Jesus mane needs to be a thing!)

  2. I haven’t listened to this album yet but you’ve made me really curious now so off to Youtube I go! x Thanks for sharing.

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