Everyday stylings of a super-heroine: 2 of 6.

Catwoman Sprinkles and Booze

This mini series of great everyday looks to bring out your super-heroine has been on hold long enough. I want to continue the series with the ever so wonderful Catwoman. Most ladies automatically think you need a sexy elegant jumpsuit to pull off  this badass look.  I am definitely a fan of a good jumpsuit but there are other fantastic ways to pull off Catwoman without going completely traditional.

I am a total fan of dark colors so needless to say,  I got carried away on this fashion board and had to edit the crap out of it. It was starting to look like a high fashion modern goth girl fashion board. I had to unleash my inner Catwoman and put together something that would be fun for a night out. Whether it be going out with your girls or heading out to an art show, you will most definitely look pretty dope! One thing I love about darker fashions are that they NEVER go out of style. This is a board that can follow you for decades and always look amazing!


Stay sexy Gotham!

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  1. MJ says:

    Love that outfit!

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