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Sprinkles vs Sparkles: I am finally watching Doctor Who.

Saturday, April 27th, 2013



So I am finally taking the plunge and watching Doctor Who for the first time. I am leveling up my nerd status. I am still on the first episode. I must say, no one warned me that this was going to be terrifying. It’s amazing, but pretty terrifying. I can’t wait to see what the series has to offer.

This week has been pretty glorious and I am falling in love with these beautiful Spring days, more and more. I can’t believe we are wrapping up the month of April. 2013, where are you going?! With the end of the week comes the always fabulous, always random, Sprinkles vs Sparkles.


I feel like this informative video on crystals goes well with my post on gemstones.

♡ I love The Blerd Manifesto.

♡ How adorable are these dresses?

♡ These humanized Princess portraits sort of blew my mind.

♡ I want to make jewelry out of barbie doll heads and my friend told me about this amazing designer.

♡ I love these amazing date ideas.

♡ Such a precious recap of The Blogcademy in LA.

♡ How adorable are these pen cozies?

♡ You have to check out this completely unique and Trekkie wedding.

♡ How adorable is this embroidery?

♡ I don’t know who a lot of these guys are but I LOVED this list and I used to have that poster of Erik Von Detten.

♡ There are far to many reasons to list as to why I adore Uncool Aaron but this was added to the list.


♡ I am part of an amazing project called The-Reimagining. Every other month we all get together for a bi-monthly salon held by Ijeoma. I went to my first one a couple of weeks ago and it was a dream! ♡ I watched this video of Yeah Yeah Yeahs at this year’s Coachella about a million times. ♡ I went to one of the dopest burlesque shows i’ve been to in a long time.  ♡ I bought vintage Ninja Turtle toys from my childhood. ♡ I spent hours being super silly just so I don’t take myself that seriously. ♡ Networked with some brilliant event planners so I can start my own geek-glam event planning myself. ♡ Satan made an appearance on my Instagram. ♡ Had a cupcake/tea party with a close friend. ♡ Tried Moonshine for the first time while listening to the Beatles. ♡ I went to a carnival and ate all of the cotton candy. ♡ Sat in nature with a good friend and remembered how beautiful my surroundings are. ♡ I bought a new David Bowie shirt in which I am in love with. ♡ Ate swedish fish before yoga, like a boss. ♡ I bought and tried powdered peanut butter and loved it. ♡ Went to Shake Shack and didn’t order the entire menu.  ♡ Saw Evil Dead for a second time.

Well I am off to dream about the cupcake tour in which I am going on in Manhattan tomorrow. I am pretty sure it’s going to be as magical as I am imagining it is going to be.

Stay sexy Gotham!


Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Spring is dope!

Friday, April 12th, 2013


Spring Heart Sprinkles and Booze

Spring has been in the air and I am loving it. Beautiful weather, luscious colors, and more social events. I am in love with what is happening all around me. This week definitely was full of tons of things to fall in love with so this is going to be a wonderful Sprinkles vs Sparkles!


Fabulous on a Budget talked about celebrating 67 years of black lingerie and a great sale to add more to your collection.

♡ I am completely obsessed with sunglasses with flowers and more than likely will be making my own in the near future.

♡ This adorable outfit post from Scathingly-Brilliant. A friend has somewhat been inspiring me to do make-up and outfit posts more often. This outfit post is an extra kick in the ass.

♡ David Bowie can do no wrong! He released a collection of his vintage videos online.

♡ I found out that Grumpy Cat had a birthday and is a fellow Aries like me.

♡ How amazing in this post?

♡ Reggie Watts has a new channel with JASH on youtube.

Divine was so divine!

♡ I LOVE this amazing post that Kat wrote this week.

Spring Deer Sprinkles and Booze


♡ Went comic book shopping which is always relaxing for me. ♡ Saw Evil Dead and loved it! ♡ I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs for the first time. ♡ I am rather sure the Black Girl Nerds podcast changed my life this week. So good. ♡ I had a nice long playdate with a friend at Starbucks. ♡ Had morning yoga in a beautiful home. ♡ Made new friends and a met a handsome cat. ♡ Signed up for online marketing classes. Gettin’ my learn on. ♡ Did research on cleanses and what my next cleanse should be. ♡ Had a great conversation with a friend about living his purpose. ♡ Spoke with  someone about their event planning project. It’s refreshing meeting people that want to help others. ♡ Twerked it to David Bowie in my bedroom.

I look forward to the weekend. So many amazing things planned! What will you be doing this weekend?

Stay sexy Gotham!



Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Lost in the valley of the dolls

Friday, April 5th, 2013


I’m mega tired after a crazy yet brilliant week. I will be in NYC all day for food, booze, comic books and Evil Dead. This is a very brief but necessary Sprinkles vs Sparkles. This message is brought to you by Batman. Remember kids…always brush twice a day.

batmanteethbrushsprinklesandbooze pinthis


♡ Roger Ebert you will be missed like woah. You were an amazing inspiration.

♡ I want all of these prints. How freakin’ adorable!

♡ These NSFW extreme plastic surgery photos are intense.

♡ Because of Gala, I totally want to try the clean program.

♡ And we officially have a date!

This trailer is basically perfect.


♡ I completed the entire series of Lost again. It was my first time watching it all the way from beginning to end and it was brilliant. ♡ I spent the first half of the week turning into a zombie with some odd sickness that I got over. ♡ Got tons of chocolates from the Easter bunny. ♡ Got love from Taylor herself because of my review on her shoes. ♡ Ate cupcakes. ♡ Was a part of the Blogcademy Q&A and it was splendid.  ♡ I turned a year older. ♡ Got a little more serious about my LinkedIn profile. ♡ Landing a ticket to Mentoring Courtney Love: David LaChapelle & Courtney Love and I can not wait to go.

Stay sexy Gotham!


In case you can’t get enough of my crazy ass, I also appeared in these places:

I was part of a two hour Black Girl Nerds podcast which involved all things Walking Dead. So good!

Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Donald Glover is my spirit animal

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


It’s Childish Gambino Friday! I woke up with Mr. Glover on my brain and can’t stop listening to him.

Donald Glover was the better part of my morning. I also woke up feeling like I was hit by a truck. I had one of those moments where I realized something that might be life changing.This was that, I am not where I want to be health wise. No, I didn’t go out drinking last night but I did stay up until 3AM. My sleep patterns are not the healthiest and it’s something I would like to change in my personal life to be a healthier me.

With this in mind, I would like to share my Sprinkles vs Sparkles. Part of being the healthiest you is noticing what makes you happy. It’s also key to take note of what you have personally achieved. In case you’re wondering what the hell Sprinkles and Sparkles have to do with this, I will break it down for you. My weekly sprinkles are things i’ve come across that I loved. My sparkles are my personal happy moments within my life that i’ve done or accomplished within the week. So here we go:




♡ This article is basically perfect. A good friend recommended that I read it.

♡ Finding out that Rebel Wilson is possibly in the new Hunger Games film.

♡ Gala is at it again! Here is an amazing post that just went up today. It’s super informative for the blogger babe (or dude)! Check out the other parts of the series as well, and get your blog on.

♡ Can someone please tell Nubby to stop being so stunning? Thanks!

♡ While I am having a mini Blogcademy reunion on my blog right now, you should go and sign up for this.

♡ Nerdy cuteness can be found here.

♡ Lamuelle basically summed up exactly how I feel about the new Justin Timberlake album.  I seriously think it’s impossible not to want sex listening to this album.



This photo is so perfect! I have no words.

♡ It’s that time of year again. Time to get your spring cleaning on. This guide is perfect and I will be using it!

♡ I discovered this week that Mike Falzone and Coffee girl have a podcast! You can go listen to this amazingness here.


How perfect was the finale of Girls?


♡ I set a birthday goal to get 500 “likes” on my Sprinkles and Booze facebook page and I accomplished this 4 days before my birthday! I love you guys more than words can express. Keep liking and sharing my blog. Together we will take over the internet and world. ♡ Learning my limits. Due to travel and fun I was constantly on the run. I literally forced myself to hide in my house for a day to sort out my brain.♡ I listened to the entire Justin Timberlake album several times without molesting the nearest man. ♡ I added pink (and blue) to my hair because i’m a fuckin’ boss. ♡ I wrote my Coheed and Cambria story and I am pretty excited about it. ♡ I decided I need to make a proper business plan which I will be doing next week. It’s going to be dope! ♡ Signed up for some brilliant lectures in Brooklyn that I can not wait to attend. ♡ I played a lot of Mario Kart of Nintendo 64!  OLD SCHOOL! ♡ I went to Fashionista and bought this piece of awesome. ♡ Had an amazing conversation with Jamie from Black Girl Nerds. She is my whole heart. ♡ Deciding that being healthy needs to be a full time job. ♡ Getting back to my dance and fitness routine at Work it Dance and Fitness. ♡ Landed tickets to see the yeah, yeah, yeahs in NYC next month. I might faint.


and my final sparkle is pre-ordering these amazing leggings from my friend Monique’s new online store.

I seriously can not wait to get them.

And there you have it, my bunnies! I hope your week was full of awesome, colorful foods, good hair, and dancing.


Keep it sexy, Gotham!


In case you can’t get enough of my crazy ass, I also appeared in these places:

I talk about one of my dance idols on Black Girl Nerds and did another amazing podcast with the lovely ladies of BGN!

Sprinkles vs Sparkles: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Friday, March 8th, 2013


We wrap up another fabulous and super busy week. Next week is going to be a insane one but, i’m ready for it. There will be lots of traveling back east, only to head to Boston almost right away. I am going to see my favorites boys in Coheed and Cambria. I will be seeing them two days in a row, which will make 305 Coheed and Cambria shows that I have attended. I know. I am insane.

Anyway, here is this week’s Sprinkles vs Sparkles! Enjoy!


♡ How good was this week’s The Walking Dead? Definitely my favorite thus far for this season.

I loved hearing Mike Falzone’s story on how he became a youtube superstar!

♡ Very much so loved this Bad Rabbits interview.


This awesome fan art that Jaymz did for for the webcomic series “The Ghost with the Most”.

   Chescaleigh you’re always amazing.

♡ Gala’s “Blog on, babe” tip today was amazing.

♡ Danielle always has a way of winning my heart.

This is just insane and I love it.



♡ Staying at the super awesome Hyatt Hotel in Seattle. I seriously love staying in hotels. ♡ Going to the Seattle and surviving the massive Comicon that took place there. ♡ Buying new art for my wall and yes, it also includes Beetlejuice. ♡ Bought wonderful yummy smelling products for my body. ♡ Walked around Portland and found fun and interesting shops. ♡ Went to the Sock Dreams HQ and had far too much fun. Love everyone there! ♡ Brainstormed on what the hell I am going to do with myself over the next year. ♡ Found out that unicorns do exist. ♡Got a drink and day dreamed with the wonderful Shauna. ♡ Was a part of the first ever Black Girl Nerds podcast. ♡Bought magical stones and crystals. ♡ Had a drunk guy tip his bike helmet to me and wished me goodnight. ♡ Had a mini chat with Femke. I miss you so much girl.


It was a very exciting and loving week. I hope you had an awesome one as well. On to the next…



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I like to contribute…

Read about how I feel on brown girls with rainbow hair and being a part of the Rhythm Nation.