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When you think you know but really have no idea.

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

bad mouthing sprinklesandbooze

I recently had a interesting situation that sadly most people can relate to. I am a firm believer that we should treat others the way we wish to be treated, and frankly I get off from making others happy. I was just informed that someone has been “bad mouthing” me but the person wasn’t a internet troll or just some random person, it was someone I personally know.

One of my personal issues with “bad mouthers” within your social circle is, I spent years upon years building myself up. We are surrounded by bullies, negative images, negative ideas, and thoughts constantly. I work relatively hard to build a positive life for myself and to live my purpose and be happy. When negative from the outside tries to come, it’s easy to play it down. When negative from the inside hits you smack in the face it can be a little bit harder to swallow.

The saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, by words will never hurt me” isn’t exactly the way it works. Words hold power. A single word can change the way you feel about yourself when it comes from the wrong person. In this moment, you’re definitely letting the wrong one in. It is possible for those negative thoughts and ideas that weren’t even your own to stick with you. Yes, we do grow older and we do gain confidence along with experience, we learn to take things with stride. Unfortunately, sometimes the bad energy that is produced by someone else can devastate just as much as it did when we were little and being bullied. This just so happens to sting a little more when it’s someone that you personally know.

In my experience, the person within your circle of friends that are saying dreadful things about you are either having self-esteem issues or quite simply, not really your friend. If someone gives themselves the identity of a friend and obviously are not,  they are more than likely competitive, or jealous, or just bat shit crazy. This person will more than likely never want to see you succeed, better yourself, or be cheerful. This person is officially so messed up that they are incapable of wanting anything good for anyone other than his or her self. Lets face it, this person has zero self love and wants to suck you into their void of awful and doom. If you want a wholesome and meaningful and true life, stop hanging around this person.

bm sprinkles and booze

We all know you deserve greater than this. Don’t let the negative make you blue in the face. Something most people need to come to terms with is there is enough happiness and opportunities for ALL of us. I promise you, there is enough! A lot of people get this fear that there is a limit to joy and it has never made sense to me honestly. As much as the bad mouthing peeps want to pass judgments and convinced they figured you out, no one ever really knows what is going on in another person’s life. Which brings us to the fact that we can’t attack these people. They are obviously having their own issues and their negative is their way of getting away from their problems.

Another very important thing to remember when dealing with someone that is a said “friend”, once you get rid of them DO NOT HOLD ON TO THE FEAR. Don’t block future people that do mean well and are real friends. It’s very easy to remember how you were treated and assume that the world is out to get you. It’s not true. Life is about dealing with all sort of things, good and the bad. It is these experiences that are necessary to say that you are living to the fullest.

Embrace the idea that “you bring in what you put out”. If you are full of self worth and love, it’s impossible not to attract the same. Make your own magic! I have had this proven time and time again. I like to think of the bad seeds as a test from the glitter Gods to make sure I am still on my toes and working towards my purpose and being happy.

Everyday you have a chance to be your own superhero and it is a blessing. Put on your big girl or boy pants, learn your worth, dry your tears, and know that you’re awesome and stunning.

Be Brave and as always, stay sexy Gotham!


Happy 100th Post!

Friday, March 29th, 2013


In my personal life, this post could not have come at a better time. It’s crazy to think I am already 100 posts into Sprinkles and Booze AND my six month blog anniversary is next month. Where does the time go?

I used the series of photos posted above because they are pictures of me and my most natural of states. It’s for the most part what i’ve looked like for the past two days. Sexy, huh? I have been a complete bundle of lack of motivation and not knowing where to start on projects. Motivation is a tricky beast and it goes and comes as it pleases.

To kick start my motivation, I figured it would be best to mentally explore the tips and tricks that I like to use in order to kick start my motivation for the action packed weekend I have ahead of me. The secret to most of my motivation is I always do what I love. It’s almost impossible not to be motivated when you’re doing something you’re passionate about. I am passionate about helping others, creating, and looking for beauty in the world around me. As soon as I decided this was going to be the topic of my post today, ideas and inspiration started to flow. It’s the natural flow of the universe. Think about it. If you’re struggling with something that you’re doing, it might be a sign that you’re not meant to be doing it. You have to listen to your gut! It’s something I had to learn for myself after years of wasting time doing things I didn’t love.

So, I mentioned there was a lack of motivation the last couple of days, right? Even if I am doing something I am passionate about, it is VERY possible to hit a little plateau and feel like it’s difficult to get your groove back. We all have these moments. These are the moments when we sit around and watch endless amount of Netflix and eat everything in your home involving sugar and feel sorry for yourself. Well ladies and gentlemen, we all need to learn to not give in to these moments. If I learned anything from the last couple of days, it’s that giving in to being unmotivated only makes matters worse. Being unmotivated is exactly the reason why I am writing this post. I am doing something about it and getting motivated and already feel better.

I am sure this wouldn’t surprise a lot of you, but when I have these moments I refer to it as “Making an appointment with my motivational speaking unicorn”. It’s when you snap out of it and realize there is work to be done and you do it. We tend to get side tracked by the influence of others or sometimes it’s just simple laziness. Whatever got you to that point of, “I don’t want to” can easily be fixed once you realize, “I am wasting time and there is life to live”.

Which brings me to the moral of the story…get started. Even if it’s something small like writing out your thoughts or working on something for a few minutes a day. It makes the biggest difference. I’m super jazzed that this is my 100th post. It shows the fruits of my labor and so many more great things are cookin’ up! Be sure to stay tuned, beautiful bunnies. Thank you for being a part of my little piece of the internet.

What do you like to do when you’re unmotivated? Do you have a secret magical motivational speaking unicorn in your closet?

Stay sexy, Gotham!


Pow Chicka Wow Wow.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013


I am part Native American and sometimes traits from my heritage sneak up on me in the most fantastic of ways. In American Indian culture, women would get together weekly from different tribes and talk about their lives and any problems. This gathering is known as a pow wow. The pow wow would be used to seek help from one another and advice on how to deal with whatever issue may be at hand. One major rule to this gathering is after a few weeks, if the issue is still heavily in your life or you are still talking about it, you need to resolve the issue or stop talking about it completely. There is only so much advice that can be given on the same topic.

In my life, I tend to have a lot of pow wow sessions with my friends. We gather, we talk about life, we give advice, we get motivated. I feel like putting a time limit on how long one wishes to ‘vent’ or ‘bitch’ about a topic is rather valuable. The more you think of something, the more it will happen. It is a rather simple concept and it is so true. The law of attraction can be a crazy but amazing thing. Stop thinking about the life that you want and have it.

What exactly do you do to get out of a slump or negative thought? Do you gather with friends to brainstorm on ideas that will help you gain things in life to make your life? Definitely give it a try! You will be surprised at how therapeutic and helpful this can really be.

xo, a go go bye!

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What is wrong with a little “you” time?

Friday, January 18th, 2013


Over the years, i’ve made friends and talked to women that are completely not okay with…touching their own bits. Well, they express that they aren’t okay with it or never want to do so.

Okay, so I am sure there are women (and maybe a small amount of men) that really never masturbate. But for some for women, it’s almost viewed as negative and wrong to want to pleasure yourself. I don’t know where this comes from. Why does society breed people (especially women), to feel guilty about knowing their own bodies? Your alone time with your private parts can actually be one of the healthiest things you can do for your parts. Really? Don’t you want your parts to be healthy? I mean, if a Transformer had a part that wasn’t working properly and he was sent from space to protect you, would you fully trust your life with this robot in disguise? Wait, that might be a bad metaphor. Whatever, let’s go with it.

The point I am trying to make is, you don’t have to be loud and proud of touching your bits but it can be one of the most beneficial things to you and your relationships. Ladies, don’t let society bring shame or guilt for wanting to feel good. That is basically what it boils down to.  Here are some reasons why ‘alone time’ can be a healthy thing for you and your relationships:


❤ Masturbation helps you learn your body. You can figure out what you really need sexually. What are you thinking about when you’re hot and bothered? What works and what doesn’t? This is something that can change within yourself or stay the same for years but it’s best to figure these things out alone. You shouldn’t need someone else there to figure out your own body. It’s your body.

❤ Touching your bits can lead to a healthier you and unit (unit being your lady parts). I think it goes without saying that an orgasm relieves stress and feels great. If you are super stressed out and have a lot of tension, maybe you just need to get off. There is evidence that the chemicals released during orgasm can heal depression. Isn’t that lovely?! Also, gynecologists say that women that masturbate know their bodies more so than someone that doesn’t because you have more one on one time with your vagina. This leads to more visits to the doctor if you know something is up which you would realize sooner than a woman that spends no time with her parts. Healthy is sexy.

❤ The concept being that a sexually active woman need not masturbate is actually not accurate and not cute. Sex with another person is fantastic but touching yourself can be too. Why not have both? I mean, it really doesn’t make sense. If you were at a party, and there was cake AND pie, would you not have the pie because you had cake? I am guessing you would probably have both, or at least take one to go. You don’t go to a concert and watch the encore before you watch the band’s set. You get where I am going with this.  A little indulgence in developing your sexual repertoire will make you a sexier person. Who doesn’t want to be sexy?

I’m happy we could have this little talk. I just find it so weird when I meet a woman that’s like “OH NO! My parts are off limits to myself.” I mean, when you break it down, that’s really what they are saying. So get familiar with yourself. Even if it’s just standing in front of a mirror naked staring at yourself. The more you know your body and are comfortable with it, the healthier and sexier you will be.


Feeling like an adult sex education teacher,

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A whole boat of self love.

Monday, January 7th, 2013



Happy Monday Lovies! ❤

I’ve had the completely beautiful blessing of being able to go to two self love events to kick off my New Year. Now, I know that a lot of things aren’t for a lot of people but I for one believe in fixing your energy in order to attract the life that you desire. A lot of people walk about complaining about what is wrong in their lives. It’s just this action that is the reason their lives continue to be shit. Believe it or not. If you continue to think a certain way or not get out of a funk then that is where you will remain. It’s not magic, it’s logical.

Now, I also understand that some people have deeper problems than a self help book or a workshop can correct. For those people, there are therapists and therapy groups that you can join. Most ‘self help’ information should in my opinion be used with other building blocks. These building blocks can be whatever you desire. Such as really good friends, therapy, meditation, yoga, whatever floats your beautiful self love boat. I have a million things in my self love boat that I can bust out when necessary to get me back on track towards a life that I will look back on in old age and feel so blessed and grateful that I had.

On the second day of January, I had the complete honor of going to Gabrielle Bernstein’s first date on her new book tour for May Cause Miracles. This event was hosted by Catch a Healthy Habit A.K.A. my favorite raw food spot in these parts of Connecticut. The event overall was a beautiful experience. Lots of great questions were asked and lots of love filled the small Connecticut theater.

Gabrielle Bernstein CT by Roni Martin

Gabby in CT.  Photo by Roni Martin

What I personally took from this event was, it is your choice to make the life you want. You can read and take part in all of the self help the world has to offer, but what is the point if you’re not putting in the leg work? Taking the initial step to show interest is lovely but it doesn’t get the job done.

Something else valuable that I learned while listening to Gabby is that everything you learn that will be used to improve your life, make it your OWN. Like I mentioned earlier about that self love boat stuff, use it! Build up a self love boat and decorate it however you wish to do so. Take the knowledge and use it for yourself in the best way fit. No one can tell you how to live your life but they can provide you with some helpful tools to get to where you wish to be within your life. Once you create this amazing (and probably overly flamboyant) boat, show up to be the captain. What’s the point of thinking it if you’re not going to bother to show up to guide the damn thing?

Gabby started out the evening with a short and beautiful meditation. It was a great way to fill the room with love and positive energy. Now, a lot of folks find meditation and energy and flowers and dolphins and kittens to all be very weird and out there. It couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth, if anything it is the norm. Here is a short clip from that evening where Gabby also expresses the magic behind meditation and getting your energy right.



Overall, the evening was perfect. I got to meet some lovely people (including Gabby) and it motived me to get my ass in gear for a brilliant 2013. I haven’t began to read “May Cause Mircales” yet due to being full of reading materials but once I tackle the book, I will be doing a review here on my experience. Be on the look out.

Yesterday, I went to a workshop at The New York School of Burlesque. This workshop was on ULTIMATE self confidence.  Because it is held at the New York School of Burlesque doesn’t really mean it’s only for burlesque performers. It’s open to all ladies from all walks of life. To be quite honest with you, it was probably one of the best experiences of my life.


World famous  BOB by Karl Giant

World Famous BOB. Photo by Karl Giant 

The class is taught by the absolute beautiful, World Famous BOB. The moment I met this woman she instantly won my heart with the amount of pink items she had on person. The workshop is designed to build confidence on and off stage. As a whole, women are torn in many directions because of our culture and what we are taught is beautiful. From a very young age, we are filled with negative thoughts about our image, ideas, and what we want in life. This workshop is designed to help keep those demons at bay, so that we are able to play and live a happy and shiny life that we are all supposed to have.

This workshop definitely lives up to the ULTIMATE title and will blow your mind with how intense it is. What I personally took from this workshop is that fear within myself is quite frankly stupid. The fear that I hold within myself, someone else put there. It’s not mine, it doesn’t belong to me and shouldn’t be a part of who I am. This is not to be confused with nerves. Nerves should be used to trigger positive actions within your life, fear is crippling and needs to be replaced for love.

This workshop is held monthly and if you’re able to make it, I would highly recommend it. The registration for February’s class is already up here.  Hurry, it sells out every month because it’s THAT good.

I am grateful both of these events to have taken place within my life only days apart from one another. They both were completely different but I learned a great deal from both experiences. I personally believe that everyone was born to live a life full of awesomeness. Somewhere down the path of life we lose sight of this but, we can build these ideas back up by putting little nuggets of glittery greatness back into out lives.

What does your self help boat look like? Mine looks like a gay pride parade float.

Falling madly in love with this year,
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