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Best albums of 2013 according to Lady Sprinkles.

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Best2013 copy

I’ve had a number of people ask me what my favorite albums were in 2013. I debated if I should make a list because I wasn’t sure if I listened to enough new albums to even make a list. Once I realized there were a few amazing albums that took place that needed to be showcased, I started compiling the awesome. My hope for this list is that is shares some albums you guys may have missed or might want to give a second (or millionth) listen to. I was going to write a brief summary on each album but Holly Danger gave me the brilliant idea of coming up with a single phrase that sums up the entire album. I have included my phrase with each album, so forgive me for exercising my creative/insane freedom. Without further adieu, here is my top 20 albums of 2013:

20. David Bowie – The Next Day Extra

David Bowie Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Old man still got it, in and out of his pants.”

19.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away

Nick Cave Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Fantastically dark.”

18. Sigur Rós – Kveikur

Kveikur Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Radiohead of the future.”

17. Deerhunter – Monomania

Momomania Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “I feel like I should be working under the hood of an old car.”

16. Nine Inch Nails -Hesitation Marks

Nine Inch Nails -Hesitation Marks Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Am I supposed to be thrusting this hard?!”

15. Janelle Monáe – The Electric Lady

Janelle Monáe - The Electric Lady Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Proved you can never have enough funk.”

14. Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience

Justin Timberlake - The 20:20 Experience Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “JT always being good at everything while wearing a bowtie.”

13. Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Bad Boy gingers forever!”

12. Bad Rabbits – American Love

Bad Rabbits Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “So proud.”

11. Drake – Nothing Was the Same

Drake - Nothing Was the Same Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “If Degrassi is Drake’s bottom, sign me up!”

10. Lady Gaga- Artpop

Lady Gaga- Artpop Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Pretend to be a drag queen in your undies. It’s accepted and encouraged.”

9. HAIM- Days Are Gone

HAIM- Days Are Gone Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Because my life didn’t seem enough like the plot of a “Girls” episode.”

8. Twenty One Pilots- Vessel

Twenty One Pilots- Vessel Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “If you liked “Panic!At the Disco” but needed something a little more serious.”

7. Arcade Fire- Reflektor

Arcade Fire- Reflektor Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “What I like to imagine floating in space would sound like.”

6. The Neighbourhood- I Love You

The Neighbourhood- I Love You Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Sexy man voices for the win.”

5. Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “It’s about damn time!”

4.Jay Z- Magna Carta Holy Grail

Jay Z- Magna Carta Holy Grail Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Proving I can still look like a gansta while wearing unicorn footy PJs.”

3. Arctic Monkeys- AM

Arctic Monkeys- AM Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “It’s acceptable to listen to an album on repeat for 5 hours right?”

2. Childish Gambino – Because the Internet

Childish Gambino - Because the Internet Sprinkles and Booze

Phrase to sum up this album: “Did I just get blerd pregnant?”

1. Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Descension


Phrase to sum up this album: “Epic space battle, bro!”

Since I’ve made this list, Beyonce had to go and be awesome and release a visual album in which I purchased right away. I am going to give the album an honorable mention because it’s pretty fantastic and stunning. If you haven’t done so, you should definitely check it out.

I also have included a playlist with one song from each album mentioned in my top 20. Give it a listen and see if you agree with my summary phrase or think I am completely nuts. Try to come up with some of your own as well. I would love to hear what you guys think.

Stay sexy Gotham!

Bazaar Bizarre Bazaar! Elm City Charmer’s Market presents FLEATIQUE.

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Elm City Sprinkles and Booze

I am all for unique experiences, unique people, and unique items. The best way to get all of that unique under one roof during the holidays is by attending bazaars, fairs, and festivals. I can’t get enough of them every year! It’s a great way to find cool and one of a kind gifts for your loved ones and socialize with small business owners.

I adore the feeling of supporting independent labels and business owners. I tend to go to a few different events every year and this year I thought I would showcase some of my favorites. I had the honor of attending FLEATIQUE in November to kick off the shopping season. Presented by Elm City Charmer’s Market, FLEATIQUE is a pop up shop in New Haven, Connecticut. FLEATIQUE was designed for indie designers and stylists to curate their pieces and style to the masses. The market is growing bigger and more fabulous as they mature and expand.

Pop up shops have grown in urban cities over the years from Tokyo to NYC, they are getting bigger and greater. Us shopaholics love them because it’s  temporary shopping therapy with a edgy, fresh twist. Almost every consumer product has been sold via a pop up shop at some point so why not be the first to be a part of the next best thing? FLEATIQUE definitely did not disappoint as a new and upcoming pop up shop within New Haven. It had the perfect blend of creativity while being engaging. Maybe it was the kick ass DJ or the number of sharply dressed fashionistas either way,  I found FLEATIQUE to be ideal.  I look forward to the next one for sure.

FLEATIQUE allowed me to connect with the vendors on a personal level and build a strong relationship with their brand. We can all spend hours on Etsy and while there is nothing wrong with this, there is something magical about making that connection with a brand offline. FLEATIQUE provided every opportunity to make a real connection with local and inspiring designers. This setting allows a chance for the business owners to enter a new market in which they  want to make that connection with you. Having a dope setting to do so in is key. FLEATIQUE provided that awesome setting.

One of the vendors at FLEATIQUE that enjoyed was Audacious 1987. Audacious 1987 is a line of accessories that are bold, daring and completely original. Audacious 1987 takes items from everyday life, add a splash of color and instantly adds a fresh new classy feel to your wardrobe. All of the pieces are handmade and one of a kind. The brand encourages custom orders which is ace. I love a designer that leaves the floor open to a challenge. You can check out the line here.

Audacious 1987 Sprinkles and Booze

I also was introduced to Breakups to Makeup and I couldn’t have been happier about this introduction. The line was created by professional makeup artist Angelique Velez and includes stickers, tanks, hats and makeup bags. Imprinted on many of the items within her brand are cheeky phrases like “I would cry but my mascara is designer.” Angelique is my kind of girl, beautiful, full of sass and inspirational. You can check out more of her line here.

Breakups to Makeup Sprinkles and Booze

Tell me about some of your favorite holiday fairs, festivals and bazaars. What are some of your favorite things about them? As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

A night in Bridgeport, Connecticut with Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Dr. Frank-N-Furter Sprinkles and Booze

On October 25th 2013, Bridgeport Theatre Company time warped back to 1975 and I took in every sequin filled moment of it. I proudly put on some fishnets, a bustle, and some fake lashes and went to the second of the two screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The wonderful Gina Lariccia directed and created the perfect tranny filled evening in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the stage musical.

It has been a while since i’ve been to a screening that was backed by a live performance so my soul and well being definitely needed this. The Rocky Horror Experience is something that if you’ve never been to before, you will never experience anything else like it. It’s one of the only productions that has live action actors and props provided to the audience which leads to audience participation. It’s a wholesome orgasmic experience that you should do at least once in your life.

Rocky Horro Bridgeport 3 Sprinkles and Booze

This was my first time (and definitely not my last) at the Downtown Cabaret Theater. The bring-your-own-everything format definitely added to the overall feel and experience of The Rocky Horror Picture show experience. RHPS gives adults a reason to celebrate, dance, play dress up and time warp the night away. I pray and hope that this becomes a new tradition in the Bridgeport, Connecticut community. It was such a fun and necessary night. As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

And a Oddball Festival it was.

Friday, August 30th, 2013


From the moment I heard about The Oddball “Funny or Die” tour I was sold. The line up not only made it possible for me to see the musically funny and talented Flight of the Conchords BUT also announced that Dave Chappelle was making a comeback. I was counting down the days before the event came to my home state. I wanted to experience a comedy line up of a lifetime, spend time with good friends, drink overpriced beer and enjoy a end of the summer event. The festival ended up being one of the oddest and disappointing nights ever.

The afternoon started out with smiles for miles and a vibrant crowd. From the moment I walked into the Comcast Theater, I knew it was going to be a fun filled evening in Hartford, CT. After watching a few comedians open the show, sitting in one of the best seats in the whole venue I became full of excitement and internal celebration. Laughter is a gift and it’s a blessing to be able to give that gift to others. Experiencing so many talented and funny people under one roof is rare, especially when one of these people is someone you’ve looked up to since you can remember.

After a short intermission, Flight of the Conchords took the stage. My love for FOTC has grown intensely over the years so it was a sad day they announced they didn’t want to do their hit HBO show anymore. This blessed reunion of this musical comedy duo was just what I needed to get me pumped for a very long awaited return of one of the best comedians of my generation, Dave Chappelle.

After FOTC’s brilliant and somewhat perfect set, there was another break to prepare the stage for the comedic genius that is Mr. Chappelle himself. We all sat and waited patiently for the stage to be set while dancing in our seats  to some hip hop jams played by a brilliant DJ. Suddenly the arena went dark and a light went on behind a giant white curtain that was up at the front of the stage. There stood a very familiar silhouette, the crowd instantly stood and cheered as loud as they could. In that moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of respect and love for a man that we’ve all come to know as a genius in his craft. The curtain dropped and I am pretty sure that was the moment when hell broke loose…

Chappelle started his set with a few jokes. The jokes stopped there. Like most audiences (at comedy shows, concerts, etc.) that has thousands of people, you will hear random cheers and yells throughout the venue. I was witness to people yelling out random “I love you’s” and quotes from Chappelle’s past movies and shows. Being that Dave is a seasoned entertainer, I can understand being annoyed by people that are rude but I can also understand someone of his status to be somewhat professional.

After a few more “I love you man’s” being yelled from the crowd, Chappelle officially called it quits. Right there on stage, in front of 1000’s of people. He grabbed his bottle of water, his cigarettes, pulled up his stool and sat there. I literally saw him quit at comedy for rest of the night and I witnessed all of this right from “the good seats”. I don’t think anyone really had a good seat last night. Once he took a seat, there was a tension in the air and it was a rapid downward spiral.

Chappelle stared at the crowd with complete disgust. There was even a point during the very bizarre and extremely awkward set where the audience was completely silent. The silence was short lived because at this point, people were pretty pissed off. There were people there that traveled over 8 hours to see someone they love and respect. There were comedians setting in the audience that opened for Chappelle earlier in the night and idolized him, patiently waiting for his set. That set, never really happened.  At this point all Chappelle could say was “I’m going to have to read about this shit for months”. This was the moment when I realized, he completely was done for the evening.

I have never felt such disappointment in a entertainer that I admire in all my life. I know we’ve grown to accept that Dave Chappelle is a wild card and you don’t know which Dave you’re going to get but for ever person that shouted something out during his set there were another 100 people silently waiting and respecting the man they paid to see. He spoke of the audience being the reason he always wants to be paid up front. He sat and had a conversation with an audience member about her book as he read excerpts from it as if there was no one else in the room. He flipped everyone the bird as he smoked a cigarette and  continuously told us how much we sucked. YES Dave, you should be respected but I would guess that 10% of the audience were the wrong doers yet you punished 100% of the audience?

Not only was it unprofessional and not the most classy way to go about things, but think of everyone on the tour that went on before you. If for any reason the Oddball Festival loses any money due to the outbursts and complete disrespect that occurred, everyone on the tour would suffer. He didn’t care about the people that traveled 100s of miles to be a part of the experience. He didn’t care about the countless hours people have put in to make the festival awesome for the people that attend it. He didn’t care about the woman that walked up to the front of the stage just to say “Dave, we love you. We want to hear what you have to say.” He simply didn’t care because 10% of the crowd were being just that, a crowd.

With all of this said, I don’t hate Dave Chappelle after this incident. I would also like to point out that he didn’t have a meltdown like a lot of news websites are stating. He wanted to be respected and in my opinion handled getting the respect he wanted poorly. I found this article VERY interesting and can understand the points being made. Being a lady of color, I didn’t feel or see this as a issue of racism last evening. It was a comedy show and sadly, there are loud and disrespectful assholes within the audience of MOST comedy shows, no matter what the race of the entertainer. It doesn’t make it right but comedy shows are breeding grounds for tough and rude crowds.

There was an insane amount of confusion and disappointment within the audience last night. Honestly, I wanted to wait a full day to write this post to process what exactly took place last night. Now that i’ve had this time, all I can feel is sadness. I feel bad for the amount of time wasted. Chappelle felt as if we’ve wasted his time and in turn wasted our time. Doesn’t make it right, but it makes it a cycle of disappointment.

To Dave, I wish you would have addressed the issue a bit differently. There is always a larger amount of good than there is bad but the bad always seems louder than the good. Next time, can you take a step back and realize the love before the hate. The positive was overwhelming in the beginning but you allowed the “bad” to become an infectious cancer. That cancer killed the entire positive, love and support that Hartford, CT wanted to shower you with.

To any asshole that thought it would be funny to add fuel to the fire, I hope your tongues fell out in your sleep last night. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, it’s the norm to hear random yells and screams from a crowd but at the same time, why is this our norm? Why do people drink overpriced malt liquor and decide it is time to be as loud as possible? The world may never know. I am not saying what Mr. Chappelle pulled last night was by any means acceptable but I am saying, maybe it’s time for you to shut the fuck up and act like a human in public for once.

All in all, I give the Oddball Festival 2 and a half out of 5 sprinkled filled shout glasses. It would have gotten 5 out of 5 if it didn’t become a clusterfuck of doom and gloom. I know a lot of you were not witness to the show last night but what are your thoughts? If you were there, I would also love to know what you thought. Please share your comments and love letters in the comments below! And as always….

Stay sexy Gotham!

P.S. I was interviewed by the Hartford Courant first thing this morning. You can read the interview here.

From Bikes to Boobs.

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013


Hey party monsters!

I’m sure by now we are all familiar with the song of the summer “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke. It’s infectious, dance-worthy and has a rather controversial NSFW video. In my opinion, the song is all the makings of a proper party starter. I dig it. What a lot of folks don’t know or remember is where this smooth and charming R&B singer first began.

To this day, one of the most brilliant R&B albums to have happened in my life is Thicke’s “A Beautiful World” album. The album is full of catchy songs and had a debut single/video of Thicke pretending to be a bike messenger and riding through the streets of Manhattan. He had a sweet Jesus mane and was dancing about all over the place. This was the Thicke I had grown to know and fall in love with.

Now, let’s fast forward 10 years into the future and he is still full of soul and talent. His 6th studio album “Blurred Lines” dropped on July 30th. Thicke is getting all of the attention he deserves for being sexy, smooth, and wonderful. This man literally went from bikes to bare boobs being featured in his videos. I am a “Thicke” hipster but I can’t help but shake my bum every time “Blurred Lines” is played anywhere. Well played, Robin, well played!


Have you listened to all of “Blurred Lines” yet? What do you think? Has it been the soundtrack to your summer parties? If not, there is still some summer left. Make it work!

Stay sexy Gotham!