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200 Posts of Sass!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


Can I get a OH SNAP?! This is my 200th blog post so here is a gif of Mr. T! You’re welcome.

I want to thank all of you guys so much for being so supportive and so awesome! Here is to many more rants, many more raves, and TONS more confetti!

Hip, hip, hooray! And as always…

Stay Sexy Gotham!

Oh my word, i’m sippin’ pretty!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015


Yo, ho ho and a bottle of rum!

I’ve been obsessed with straw attachments for my drinks. We all know that I am no stranger to the merrymaking of the everyday. It’s my passion to add a bit more spice to my daily life. Life can be tough, which is more the reason to celebrate most of our moments.


The straw attachments pictured were actually a gift and it took some searching but I did located them on You can find them here and here. They are basically my favorite things right now. Also, I was asked what the Hello Kitty “Fizzy Pop” tastes like. It’s supposed to be “Cherry Limeade” flavored but I think it tastes like strawberry and awesome!

What are some of the ways your jazz up your beverages? How fun are straw attachments?! I am thinking about designing a few of my own.

Stay sexy Gotham!

Because I know only movers and shakers…

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Monarch Workshop Sprinkles and Booze March 2015

Photo credit goes to the lovely Victoria Gloria Photography

Hey bunny boos!

It’s time for our first Monarch Workshop of the year and it’s time for you to treat yourself. I am part of a kick-ass team and we are ready to help you run the world!

Monarch Workshop is about giving that little push that we all sometimes need. We nudge you creatively, inspirationally, and soulfully. Everyone has a different path to success and we want to give you an assortment of rad activities, lessons, inspirations, crafts, and exercises to let help get you to the next awesome level in this game called life.

Sprinkles and Booze Monarch

Spring Monarch Workshop will be on March 21st and 22nd. Be sure to mark your calendars! If you buy your tickets before this Saturday you can enjoy the early bird savings! Seats are very limited so…HURRY!

Perfect gift for yourself or someone special for the new year! Come with friends, relatives, coworkers, employees, besties, pets, unicorns, whomever! Ladies, it’s 2015! We got this, let’s dream bigger!

Stay sexy Gotham!

The Anti-After Party: The Hangover.

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

after_the_party_is_over___by_nextdoorartist- Sprinkles and Booze d41lusv

(Photo source)

Recently I was at a party and a friend approached me and said “You never get sick from drinking. You must actually be a unicorn because I always get hangovers!” I informed her that even though I am quite magical, I just have a few tips and tricks on how to prevent hangovers and I actually wrote about it here.

After looking over the post briefly, she stated that she follows a lot of the pre-hangover rules but still continues to get hangovers. Being that I am known for enjoying a cocktail or two, I am no stranger to overdoing it once in a while. I gave her some helpful hangover treatments that have helped me not feel like death in those rare occasions.

A few years ago, I was reading an article that said according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drinking in moderation means 1 drink per day for women and 2 for men. Anything more than this puts you in the risk of having a hangover. Since a hangover isn’t a official diagnosis, there is no real “cure” to a hangover. The only way out of the next day doom and gloom is treating your symptoms. With a lot of trial and error, here are a few of my remedies that have helped me kick a hangover’s ass!

Green Smoothie for breakfast. The last time I had a hangover the last thing I wanted to do was eat anything. With a raging headache, I busted out my blender, threw in some apple, orange, lemon + peel, mint, fresh ginger, kale and spinach. Not only did it fix my tummy issues but it got rid of my headache, made me feel nourished, and gave me a bit of energy to make it through the day.

Drink your favorite caffeinated tea. The magical caffeine inside tea will constrict the blood vessels in your brain, making them hurt less. The caffeine, like the smoothie, will put some pep in your step or at least get you through the day. I tend to not go for coffee because it’s rough on my tummy and might not be the best option if hungover.

I like my water Smart. SmartWater has electrolytes and can save your ass after a night of drinking. I have even made it a habit to bring a bottle of SmartWater to drink in between every drink. I usually also take Pepto-Bismol pills (or some sort of stomach medicine) to coat my stomach.

I so rarely get hangovers so I hope these tips help for the next time you’ve had one too many. What are some of your hangover “cures”? Drink safely and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

Hey 2015, you’re gorgeous!

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Sprinkles and Booze NY 2015

Why hello there, you beautiful Party Monsters!

I know, I know. It’s been a while since there has been a steady stream of unicorns, rainbows, and crazy from the Sprinkles and Booze blog front. You have the greatest of my apologies! Without sounding like I’ve drank too much of the “it’s going to be the best year ever” kool-aid, I will say that you can expect it to be a bit more noisy in this little corner of the internet. Very noisy

I also don’t plan on giving you guys a list of goals that I wish to achieve within the year. Yes, I have a list miles long of what I hope to accomplish this year, but I would like to reveal them with my actions. It’s obviously way more fun that way, and I am excited you’re coming along for the ride.

What I will say is, we all love second chances. Every year we strive to do better and bigger things. Strive to do what you ACTUALLY wish to be doing. For far too many years, we have all fallen victim to resolutions we don’t actually want to do. We say we can’t eat the tastiest foods or spend money on things we desire. It’s simply rubbish! Collectively, we should resolve to do things in which we desire. Just because you desire to be healthier doesn’t mean you can never eat another cupcake or have a cocktail with your friends. Once you begin to actually live for what you desire, you will rapidly start to cross goals off of your list.

Definitely make the promise to yourself to add veggies to your diet or drink more water, but make sure you don’t beat yourself up if you’re out late on a weeknight. Give yourself the gift of balance, and always do what you desire. Goals will start to be met and overall you will be a happier person, and we all love happier people!

I want to wish all of you a very sparkly, glorious, and super New Year! Thank you for allowing me to express all of my weirdo over excited rants with you! CHEERS, and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!