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Inspiration is found right under your fingertips.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Kidecals Sprinkles and Booze

I am so in love with my rose petal covered keyboard. Like completely in love. I honestly think it part of the reason I’ve had a burst of inspiration lately. I am choosing to get off my bum and actually get things done.

This time of year, it can be difficult to keep up your mojo and remain inspired. I am in a very creative and demanding field, so inspiration. Mid-November in the US,we typically want to hibernate. It gets cold outside. It’s super dark at like 5PM. You’re so focused on the holidays and how to make it wonderful for others. I’ve decided this year, I am going to take a different approach and look for inspiration in places in which I wouldn’t have. I have to remind myself that, I have decided to live an inspired life. I must not forget to find the inspiration in everything I love. No matter how small.

Living an inspired life of course goes beyond rose covered decals but, we must remember to turn the focus back on oneself. I am opting to impress myself. I want to always out do my best efforts. I want to make sure I am setting up my life so when look back at it when I am 148 I can be proud.

Refreshing your workspace and changing your mindset can work wonders!Sometimes it takes something small to push you to your happy place. I opted to put some pep in my laptop’s step up with decals. Where are you going to find your cold weather inspiration?

Stay sexy Gotham!

Every day holds new magic.

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

beauty in all - Sprinkles and Booze

I find it extremely hard to believe it’s the first day of October. There are only 91 days and 13 weeks left in 2013. Where did this year fade away to?

I will say that I’ve been having an exceptional year. I’ve had a few wonderful things happen just over the last few days even. Some of you may know that I am in the last few months of my 20’s. I will start a new section of life in March. For most, if not for all of this year I’ve found a great need and desire to simplify my life. When I say simply, I mean simply, almost in the sense that everything MUST go to make room for the new; and boy do I have a lot of stuff!

Like a lot of us in our 20’s, I’ve made poor choices with my money at times. I packed my calendar full of goals and appointments. I continued to tell myself, ‘tomorrow I’ll do it,’ but never follow up. This year has been no different for me with one exception. That empty and lost feeling hit me harder. I’m still rather young but not getting any younger. I have become completely fed up with myself.

October is not only my favorite month. It marks 6 months from my birthday. This October I am making it my personal time to simplify things. I will get my priorities and life in proper order. That’s right folks! Waiting for tomorrow has expired. There is life to live NOW.

In order to prep for the day, I’ll wake up earlier to meditate and spend time alone. I’ll go on fall hikes and walks. I’ll take in the crisp Autumn air a few times a week. I’m ready to bring in my new life, do it properly and with ease. I want to encourage others to simplify and live. When you feel overwhelmed and stressed, breath deep and relax. It will pass as you de-clutter, decompress and connect with yourself. Once you remove old distractions, you make room for new and great opportunities. Float across the waves of the rubbish to get to where you really wish to be in life. It’s time to get to work! Everyday holds new magic, if you’re willing to accept it. This is just the beginning.

Stay sexy Gotham!

Refresh and get to work.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013



So I must confess, I have been feeling off as of lately. Maybe it’s just a small bump in the road or maybe we can blame Mercury being in retrograde but something has been in the air.

Tonight is the night. It is the night when I am hitting refresh on my life and moving forward towards awesome-hood. The past couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind and I feel like i’ve lost some control of what I find to be important. It’s time to get organized and stay productive. I want to get my meals, fitness and health back on track. I want have more playdates with friends and stick to strict office hours. I want to catch up on the books i’ve been reading and completely unplug at least one day a week to recharge.

Life is too short to not work hard and play harder. It’s time to be inspired and share inspiration. Are you guys ready?

Stay sexy Gotham!

Professional Party Thrower Manifesto.

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

new life sprinkles

Event planning is very new and exciting for me. I have never thought of anything more perfect and wonderful as a career path for myself. Last night I wrote my “Professional Party Thrower Manifesto” and now it’s time for me to share it with your lovelies.

I believe in sparkly beverages and glitter filled rooms. I believe that we should celebrate life everyday and invest in our ultimate happiness. I believe in smiles for miles and spreading love. I believe in manifesting celebration from the inside out daily and looking and feeling your best. I believe in someday taking over (or just traveling) the world to spread color, fun and of course #sprinklesandbooze. I believe that every joy within life is a blessing and we should always embrace those joys. I believe in being playful yet elegant and sometimes geeky. I believe in coloring outside the lines. I believe in bespoke and being fabulous. I believe in always being unique and always being yourself. I believe there is no celebration that is too small or too ridiculous.

There is nothing wrong with a little manifesto action on a Sunday morning. To celebrate life, you, and the love of LUSH Cosmetics, I am hosting a giveaway on Mish Lovin’ Life and you could win a $50 LUSH gift card. I can’t think of a better cosmetic line to get a party started. Click here to check out the contest and enter!

Stay sexy Gotham!

How to properly offend a blogger.

Monday, June 3rd, 2013


Happy Monday! It’s super rainy here in CT but I love it. I wanted to do a sort of “personal” post about my profession and the changes in my career that have taken place. I worked a regular 9-5 doing all sorts of administrative/customer service gigs for all of my 20’s. I have been put in a situation where I can refocus my life and live out my dreams. It’s a blessing and definitely NOT easy, but I need to address something that has been bothering me since I began my journey.

I am moving forward with my hopes of being a event planner and world class blogger. As I move forward I have excitement and hope in my heart. You would never believe the tactless things that people say and ask you when they find out I am a blogger. I can’t imagine asking ANYONE how much money they are making doing what they do. I would never walk up to a teacher, comedian, or a doctor and ask “How much do you make and when do you get your next paycheck?” It happens to me more than you would think. I understand that being a blogger is something that is still far from traditional but really, HOW RUDE!

We internet nerds/social media junkies are for sure a different breed of people. We are on the rise daily and once you break into the scene with a POW, you create your own magic and a lot of the times, your career. Being that I am one with the internet, it all makes sense to me but I can understand if you are older or not really into the internet craziness, you might not understand this. But if there is one thing across the board that you should understand is that you don’t ask someone “How much do you make?” It is impossible for that question to NOT be rude.

Just for the fun of it, I will talk a bit more about my career goals and the personal approach when it comes to blogging. This is to help those looking into getting into the craft of blogging, and to shut up those rude folks without a filter.


Like most things that are worth it in life, making a career from blogging takes patience and time. I have been blogging on and off for over 10 years but decided to take a more serious approach to blogging not that long ago. Sprinkles and Booze is only 8 months old and I have been blessed in many ways. I have a few people within my network of friends (and family) that have been supportive, taken interest, and helped me grow at a quicker pace than usual. Also, I work around the clock. I am always thinking of ways to improve and how to make Sprinkles and Booze a solid business.

I ADORE blogging. I enjoy everything about it. Passion a great foundation to have with anything you would like to move forward with as a career. About 6 months into my venture as a blogger, I realized even if I am having tons of fun doing what I love, I need to buckle down and start figuring out how to start bringing in income. I am in a semi-lucky financial situation where I can buy a little time to figuring how to move forward, but I know for a lot of people this wouldn’t be the case.

As a lifestyle blogger, I will have many projects and opportunities within the blogosphere. There will be books, merchandise, some spokesperson gigs, sponsorship opportunities, consulting, brand partnerships, freelance writing and all sorts of fun greatness. The blog is the platform for these opportunities, but the money isn’t necessarily coming directly from the blog. So for the no filter, rude people out there, there is a lot happening on the background of it all. Bloggers don’t just sit about hoping for the best and wasting time on the internet.

Sprinkles and Booze as a geeky-glam lifestyle blog is one of the most perfect concepts for a blog that would represent who I am. I have had many ideas as to what I want the business end of my blog to be. In this process, another long time dream was born. For as long as I can remember, I was the DIY event planning queen. I used to force my entire family to come to my hand crafted tea party and puppet show Sunday brunches that were always held in my living room at the age of 6. As an adult, I would always tell people I want to be a “professional party thrower” but never took myself seriously. Well folks, I am pretty sure “Sprinkles and Booze” is the perfect platform to properly and professionally get the party started. It was definitely a beautiful mistake.

Event planning on the back end of Sprinkles and Booze ties together ALL of my passions into one giant box of awesome. My love of design, celebration, colors, love of life, and sharing are all put together and given back to the world.

For those that are closest to me, you know how excited I have been about my life as of lately. Thank you for dealing with my many freak outs, rants, tears, panic attacks, and so forth. Thank you for never questioning my dreams and believing in me. Thank you for never being that rude person that asks “how much are you making?” or doubting me.

For the bloggers out there that are losing faith, keep doing what you love and everything will fall into place when it should. Fight the good fight because in the end, it will all be worth it. Please feel free to reach out if you need a blogger friend to vent to or just for tea. I am always here for a chat and I have your back.

For all of those rude folk who can’t seem to not gain control of your mouths, I double dog dare you to walk up to every stranger you meet and ask them ask them what they do and how much they make doing it. It seems to be what you’re good at so why not make it the norm. Rude seems to be your thing.

A blog is just the latest and greatest version of starting your own business. The best part about blogging is the start up costs are pretty low and you don’t risk much of anything. If you have a blog or are thinking about starting one, DO IT UP! What do you have to lose? Let’s get this party started and silence the rudeness.

Stay sexy Gotham!