Brews & Chews: Roadsmary’s Baby – Two Roads Brewery – Stratford, Connecticut


Look out world!!! There is a new feature on Sprinkles and Booze. Over the past few months, I have been getting contacted more and more by bars, breweries, restaurants, food trucks, and bakeries. I thought to myself, “it would be nice to have a section on my blog dedicated just to reviews of these wonderful places, drinks, dishes, and anything delicious you would want to shove in your face”. So I bring you, Brews & Chews!

In this new feature you will read about most things edible, drinkable, and that would make for a great celebration or just simple fun. I hope to bring joy to your taste buds and your happy place with these reviews. Let’s get right to it!

For the first ever review in this new feature, I am more than honored to share with the world one of the best seasonal beers to ever happen. I have an undying love for the film Rosemary’s Baby. Once it was brought to my attention that Two Roads birthed Roadsmary’s Baby, I almost fainted from the amount of joy that ran through my body.

Roadsmarys-Baby-Body-Label Sprinkles and Booze

A pumpkin ale for the fall/Halloween season named after the classic film/book, Rosemary’s Baby…YES PLEASE! I recently just learned of Two Roads Brewery and Roadsmary’s Baby was my first taste into their greatness. In my opinion, it was meant for Two Roads to be in my life.


Two-Roads-Brewing-logo Sprinkles and Booze

Two Roads opened their doors in December of 2012 and this is their first pumpkin ale and they definitely didn’t disappoint. The pumpkin ale was aged in rum barrels with spices that definitely bring excitement to your mouth unit. The golden rum colored ale smells and tastes like fall. Once you allow the beer to settle, you get a nice mix of all of the flavors. It has a raw oak taste from the rum barrels that is authentic and refreshing. This ale is workin’ with a lot! It has a bit of pizzazz but is comforting at the same time. It’s one of the best pumpkin ales i’ve had in years.

There aren’t many beers that you can pair with everything but Roadsmary’s Baby would literally work with anything. Feel like having a burger with fries, have it with Roadsmary’s Baby. Want to have a breakfast burrito, do it up with some Roadsmary’s Baby. Roadsmary’s Baby comes with a judge free zone! Fill up a tub full of the ale and bob for apples, look at your friends and say “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game!” This is a whole ass sort of beer so don’t half ass. It’s seriously that wonderful.

Two Roads is gaining more and more fame. In the New England/Tri-State area you can find some Two Roads beer-tastic goodness at your local liquor store. It is possible you might luck out and be able to score some Roadsmary’s Baby before it’s too late. You can always venture to Stratford and get a glass of the greatness directly from the brewery. The ale will be on store shelves until late October so good luck in your quest, bring some holy water and BUY IT ALL! HAIL ALE!

As always…Stay sexy Gotham!

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  1. MJ says:

    Looking forward to this!

  2. Nick says:

    We moved like 5 miles from Two Roads…we’ve been a couple times and the Roadsmary’s Baby is AMAZING.

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