Because I know only movers and shakers…

Monarch Workshop Sprinkles and Booze March 2015

Photo credit goes to the lovely Victoria Gloria Photography

Hey bunny boos!

It’s time for our first Monarch Workshop of the year and it’s time for you to treat yourself. I am part of a kick-ass team and we are ready to help you run the world!

Monarch Workshop is about giving that little push that we all sometimes need. We nudge you creatively, inspirationally, and soulfully. Everyone has a different path to success and we want to give you an assortment of rad activities, lessons, inspirations, crafts, and exercises to let help get you to the next awesome level in this game called life.

Sprinkles and Booze Monarch

Spring Monarch Workshop will be on March 21st and 22nd. Be sure to mark your calendars! If you buy your tickets before this Saturday you can enjoy the early bird savings! Seats are very limited so…HURRY!

Perfect gift for yourself or someone special for the new year! Come with friends, relatives, coworkers, employees, besties, pets, unicorns, whomever! Ladies, it’s 2015! We got this, let’s dream bigger!

Stay sexy Gotham!


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  1. Kelsie says:

    Hi Latanya! I just signed up for Monarch Workshop for this year, and I found your post through a google search. Will you by chance be attending this year?

    • Hey girl! Sorry for the mega late response to this comment. I sorta fell off for a bit but i’m back! I hope you enjoyed Monarch! I am no sure if they are still having workshops or not but I would LOVE to hear about your overall experience.

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