Back to life, back to reality.

back to life

Hey Party Monsters!

Hip hip HOORAY to blogger breaks! Everywhere I turn lately, I am hearing, reading, and conversing with blogger friends about being burnt out. People have been down right crispy! For the past month (both in real life and online) I have come in contact with people that are completely fed up with the crazy world of social media and the stress bloggers feel to produce great content. Stress looks good on NO one.

Well here is some great news for fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs alike! Having a internet business of any sort comes with an insane amount of pressure like most businesses. We are constantly trying to publish content and be current. We are always trying to think of a fun daily saying, checking our google analytics numbers, coming up with a witty tweetable, sharing a pinable image, or checking Facebook “likes”. We have the fear of fading into a virtual black hole. I’m here to inform you that, these fears are complete bullshit.

Blogging is by far one of my favorite things in the world. I recently had a meeting with my business coach and was informed that she enjoyed how much time and energy I put into my site/company but wanted to know what sets it apart from a glorified hobby. This idea wasn’t a fun one to address but, I understood the point she was making. The concept was actually a powerful boost of encouragement. I never want to consider my business as “just a hobby” but I never really want to see feel burnt out and overworked. It’s completely okay to call a time out. Seriously, just take a break.

A break doesn’t have to mean completely avoiding your job or calling it quits. Active breaks are possible. Plan ahead, get your systems in place, and walk away from a few things responsibly. When you’re good and ready, you will come back to life and you’ll be better than ever.

Blogger breaks are completely allowed and should be encouraged more in the blogger universe. Your “time out” will not break the internet. You might be missed for a little while but it will make it all the more special when you are bustin’ out some KICK ASS content. Your readers will be just fine for a while and love you just the same (or more) once you’ve returned.

I have been professionally blogging for a year and a half and have had a ton of great, sometimes embarrassing and terrifying experiences. Taking a break has probably been one of my healthiest and best learning experiences to date. My break put into perspective what I am doing here and I am happier than ever.


So grab a drink, take out a calendar and break responsibly! Breaks can be super helpful but it’s better to add some order to your chaos. Since this was my first major blogger break, here are some tips I would recommend to help you take a chill pill:

❤ Pick your slowest time of year. Being that i’ve only been pro blogging for a year and a half, it was hard for me to figure out when my slowest time would be. With that said, it seemed like I had the fewest readers in April. This information made it a bit easier to decide to take 4 weeks off for the month of April.

❤ Your break is a REAL event. Plan accordingly and make it your priority.

❤ Take advantage of platforms that allow you to schedule your social media postings. Take a day and set up content to go up for the amount of time you wish to take a break.

❤ Don’t feel like you have to completely throw in the towel. It’s okay to update your facebook manually or reply to your emails. Just lighten the load to give yourself some wiggle room.

Bring yourself (and your content) back to life. I find this to be rather necessary if you don’t want to become another abandoned blog on the world wide web. Happy Spring everyone and as always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

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  1. Jamie says:

    I love that we both took blogging breaks & re-emerged at the same time. Birthday twins or what? Welcome back 😀

  2. I love you! Yes, breaks are necessary at times and should be taken when you’re feeling like you’re breaking from the pressure! I’m glad you’re feeling renewed and ready to take on the world again! Now we just need to meet up again sometime.

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