And we’re done here…


It has arrived! The final day of 2012 and I feel like a lot of us couldn’t say Good-bye to 2012 fast enough. Most of us will over eating, over drinking and over dancing tonight. All I can say to that is GET IT IN! It is a well deserved celebration. Try to give gratitude and have a positive reflection of the year that has passed and party in which ever way you decide is fit. Set some goals, crash some parties, throw some glitter, and do it all responsibly.

Some things i’m thankful for from this year and happy about are…

Deciding to add purple and blue to my hair. Realizing that you can celebrate Black History month and Valentine’s Day all at the same time by being in a interracial relationship. That I have seen Coheed and Cambria over 300 times. I made a insane amount of new friends this year. I love all of your bunnies. Starting Sprinkles and Booze! Being educated on adding raw and wholesome foods to my diet. Get your organs right! Mike Fuckin’ Falzone. My old friends that have always been there for me and I don’t know where I would be without them. My family for being fucking amazing. My lovely grandmother whom had her final rest at the beautiful age of 103. She is forever in my heart. That the world didn’t end the three times it was supposed to. Hurricane Sandy didn’t murder me. I learned how to move like jagger and take more dance classes than I can count. OMG! I went to so many amazing concerts, shows, musicals and plays this year. Gangnam style. One of the best Afro Punk festivals i’ve been to out of ALL of them. The insane nail art that has been happening in my life. Having a heart to heart with David Cross about law of attraction. Getting Obama back in office. Aliens deciding we weren’t ready for their jelly and not killing us all.

I am actually overwhelmed looking back at 2012. There are way too many things I can list that were grand and exciting. If I don’t stop now, my friends will kick my ass for not getting ready for my New Year’s Eve in Boston. Read a little about what I am doing here. 2013 should be a rather interesting one for sure. It’s going to be full of love and Kanye West’s offspring! How exciting!

Happy New Year,
Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 6.05.55 PM
P.S. I just remembered this happened this year and it’s appropriate for New Year’s Eve…



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7 Responses to “And we’re done here…”

  1. Dayna says:

    Woah!!! How it’s even possible to see Coheed 300 times blows my mind! Epic! Your 2012 looks like it was absolutely magical!

  2. Yeah, I know. I am a total Coheed and Cambria fan girl. HAHA! I’ve been seeing them live since I was 18 and I reached my 300th show last year. I’ve seen them play all sorts of insane ‘venues’ and places. Not to sound like an ultra hipster but I was there since the beginning.

    It was a magical year but there was lots of trying times too. I am looking forward to this year and hope that it’s full of magical wander! <3

  3. Fanny says:

    I consider myself a big concertgoer, but damn, you’ve got to hold the world record for the most-loyal fan! 300 times is incredible!

  4. Yeah, i’m a bit insane. I am pretty sure I pay their rents with the amount of times i’ve seen them.

  5. Absolutely LOVE the video!!! Way to go 2012, here’s to a wicked 2013!!!

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