What’s your Alibi?


Howdy folks! It’s Monday and I am here to bring you a fun booze filled review. They call it liquid courage and it’s no real surprise that drinking whiskey is like developing superpowers. Good can come with whiskey when used responsibly but things can instantly become a shit storm when used for evil.

I recently tried Alibi American Whiskey and it was rather wonderful. I am not typically a whiskey drinker but it is a smooth 90 proof blended whiskey that was easy on my mouth. This whiskey can work for shooting, drinking on the rocks, or mixing for your favorite cocktails. Alibi is there to be a part of your party. The brand and marketing is directed towards people that are ready for a unique story or to make bad ass memories. Remember folks, with great power and taste comes great responsibility. Don’t be that fool that uses these powers for lameness!


Since I am openly in love with cocktails, I decided to use my Alibi American Whiskey to make something pretty American. I made an American Woman. This drink requires 1 1/2 oz Alibi American Whiskey, 1/2 oz Creme de Noyaux, 1/2 oz Cherry Liqueur and 1 oz Southern Comfort peach liqueur. It’s a rather simple drink. Empty all of the proper amounts of your ingredients into a drink shaker with some ice, let it chill, pour it into a cocktail glass and BAM! You have a tasty American Woman!

So what’s your Alibi? You can find out where you can pick up this tasty whiskey by using this trusty map. Sadly, it hasn’t made a full world takeover but I have faith that it will! What are some of your favorite whiskey cocktails? Do you use your whiskey powers for good or for evil? In the meantime, CHEERS!

Stay sexy Gotham!

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