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Sprinkles and Booze attracts thousands of visitors from all of the world who are lovers of all that is geeky and wonderful! My readers are amazing ladies and gents who share a passion for having fun, being a complete nerd, being unique, and standing out in a sea full of normal. With this blog I aim to motivate, assist, and inspire my readers for their next big event. I do this with fashion, event planning, tips and tricks, and anything that can assist with bringing out my readers’ individuality and brilliance.

You may be wondering what my readers are looking for at this point?

Sprinkles and Booze offers the following:

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Sprinkles and Booze follows FTC Guidelines when working with sponsors/advertisers. In case you’re wondering what this could possible mean is:

When money or products have been given in exchange for a post, it will be disclosed.

All reviews will be my actual opinion.

I have the right to refuse to review a product if it is not the right fit for Sprinkles and Booze or is not something I would like to endorse.

Now that we got that out of the way, I have a number of advertising options available for all of the best geek chic suppliers out there. Simply contact me for my current rates, statistics, and availability. I love working with people so let’s make it work!