A night in Bridgeport, Connecticut with Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter Sprinkles and Booze

On October 25th 2013, Bridgeport Theatre Company time warped back to 1975 and I took in every sequin filled moment of it. I proudly put on some fishnets, a bustle, and some fake lashes and went to the second of the two screenings of Rocky Horror Picture Show. The wonderful Gina Lariccia directed and created the perfect tranny filled evening in honor of the 40th Anniversary of the stage musical.

It has been a while since i’ve been to a screening that was backed by a live performance so my soul and well being definitely needed this. The Rocky Horror Experience is something that if you’ve never been to before, you will never experience anything else like it. It’s one of the only productions that has live action actors and props provided to the audience which leads to audience participation. It’s a wholesome orgasmic experience that you should do at least once in your life.

Rocky Horro Bridgeport 3 Sprinkles and Booze

This was my first time (and definitely not my last) at the Downtown Cabaret Theater. The bring-your-own-everything format definitely added to the overall feel and experience of The Rocky Horror Picture show experience. RHPS gives adults a reason to celebrate, dance, play dress up and time warp the night away. I pray and hope that this becomes a new tradition in the Bridgeport, Connecticut community. It was such a fun and necessary night. As always…

Stay sexy Gotham!

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