A magical evening with Paige Zaferiou.

tea and tarot sprinkles and booze

I’m all about creating my own magic. You know sparkly, glittery, fabulous magic. Last week on the twitter-verse, Gala mentioned that there was going to be a night of greatness in NYC. She mentioned a super new and super exciting Tarot Magic Workshop held by the fabulous Paige Zaferiou. And exciting and magical it was!

tea and tarot sprinkles and booze4

I got on a train and headed into NYC for a fun filled evening of tarot cards and new friends. Sadly, Paige and I had the same bad luck with delayed planes, trains, and automobiles but we eventually made it there to get the party started.

The workshop took place a day before a lunar eclipse and a full Moon in Sagittarius. I mean a regular full moon does something magical and sometimes weird to the world, so this super moon was perfect for a night of manifesting magic. Sadly, we never got to have tea due to delayed transportation, but we did get to go over a great deal of information.

The workshop was intimate and hand-crafted. From the worksheets to the personal experiences Paige shared. It was lovely and perfect. We learned about some of the spreads from some of the greatest such as The Tarot Lady and Paige shared some of her own rituals of magic. We all made three very specific wishes to set into motion. I can wholeheartedly say that I feel completely different and more positive since this reading/workshop.

tea and tarot sprinkles and booze1

Color me insane if you want, but I think magic is everywhere. There are always magical things and hints from our surroundings and it makes life beautiful and AWESOME! I think this workshop is perfect for people that find tarot to be a challenge, terrifying or if you’re just curious. If you put positive into the universe, the universe will have your back. We all have a little Harry Potter greatness in us. We are all here to have fun and take in the wonderful gifts around us. It is up to all of us to take care of ourselves and in turn take care of the world around us. It’s a cycle that is beautiful and generates love, and the world can ALWAYS use more love.

tea and tarot sprinkles and booze2

The workshop was held at the beautiful Atmananda Yoga Sequence.The studio seemed very big from what I can tell but the workshop was held in the kitchen/lounge area. As Paige mentioned we had a very “Hobbit-style”, and cozy gathering. The staff seemed super friendly and helpful. We definitely all got a warm welcome. I am even considering taking a class or two at the studio.

This was Paige’s first workshop (and it was free this one and only time) so the night was doubly special and dear to my heart. She did a wonderful job and definitely filled us in on some love infused knowledge. I had the honor of meeting another magical blogger, Kayla. She brought a couple of friends and we rocked it out…magic style! If you get a chance, when Paige does a world take over, definitely check out one of her workshops. You will not regret it. We can all use more love and light in our lives.

I’m happy Paige followed her heart and came to NYC. I made a new kicks ass (and magical babe) friend. She is a stunning human and I am happy to have met her. By the way, did I mention she is also a Blogcademy babe like myself?

Stay sexy Gotham!

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