A blogger’s downtime is golden.


Bonjour my party bunnies!

Over the past month or so, I cut back on posting as much. I was taking a mental break to brainstorm and come up with new and fresh content and ideas for Sprinkles and Booze. While organizing my notes and concepts, I realized that I have more concepts than usual. It made me realize the importance of unplugging from time to time.

I have started making way more effective changes to my daily work routine. I have started giving myself mini deadlines. If you give yourself three hours instead of a full day to complete something, it is going to get done way faster. As a blogger, I was finding myself hugging my Macbook Pro for dear life from the moment I woke up until I pass out at night. It’s easy to fall into the idea of being a blogger and ALWAYS having to be connected. So not true. I realized the more I compress my time on working on things for Sprinkles and Booze and being a professional party thrower, the more quality my work becomes.

With this said, I am super excited for some fun posts, ideas, projects among other wonderful things that are in the works! Get ready because shit is about to get awesome-er.

Do you find that having some downtime triggers amazing fresh and new ideas? Does it help re-energize you? Do you listen to “Eye of the Tiger” as you work?

Stay sexy Gotham!

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2 Responses to “A blogger’s downtime is golden.”

  1. Lucy J Loves says:

    Yes to this! I’ve been disconnecting a bit more lately and I think it’s a really good thing – am planning on doing it more regularly. The idea of comression is great too – same amount of work done, but less time wasted… short, sharp bursts of productivity!

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